Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Jessica's Masterpiece

I know Jess is probably going to kill me for posting all of these pictures...but they were too cute! This is her doing the "Oprah move" when taking a picture. Take a deep breath, then relax and smile.

Moving on the more important subject at hand--this is Jessica's first apron!! Yea! Isn't it beautiful? She did a great job with the Emmeline. I have to say I'm a bit jealous because my first aprons are disappointing and sad...not creations I'm proud of. Jessica can wear this with pride! We are so glad you've joined our group!


Stacey said...

Jessica...so proud of you!! It looks adorable. :)

Jill Manning said...

Seriously girl, you outdid us all with this first apron! I love the different pinks in the fabrics...it is just darling! Way to go! And welcome to the club!

The McMillans said...

Jessica! That is so darling. What a great job on your first apron. Koodos to you.

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