Tuesday, April 8, 2008

My heart melted!!!

When I bought the pattern for this apron last week, I though to myself, "Self, don't get too excited, you can't ever sit for 5 min. without having back pain. It may be a while before you actually get to this pattern!" Than after looking, and drooling, over the pattern for a day I said, "Self, screw the back...let's get crackin!" And away we went and I am just in love with it! Actually my heart melted when it was all done! I have been eyeing this fabric at Joanns and on the internet for a loooooooong time but I needed the perfect apron for it and this was it!!! I finished it yesterday and didn't take it off all day, I just love everything about it!!! Sure, I cursed a few times when my machine wouldn't cooperate, and want to rip out my hair when I couldn't understand what the pattern was asking of me, but everything came together in the end and now I am in love!!! I want to name it...something this adorable deserves a name! What should I name it?


Christie said...

Jill, it's adorable! And you look wonderful in it. The fabric is perfect for it. Great job!

Stacey said...

the Daisy...happy and cheerful and stylish. I need that pattern!!

Maren said...

I love the pattern & fabric... you are always one step ahead of the crowd! You rock Jill!

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