Sunday, April 27, 2008

One of the Girls

Introducing the newest member of the Secret Stitch Club...currently nameless dress form. We found her on craigslist for an awesome deal at Lane Bryant. I guess they had too many and were getting rid of some. It was pretty funny as we were carrying her out of the mall. The security guard stopped us to say, "Hey, you have a body there." She got to sit in the back seat with Stacey as we visited our favorite fabric store, Zoe's Trunk.


The Blakes said...

Has she been named yet. She must have a name!

Maren said...

I think we will do a contest and give away a free apron for the best name suggestion. Maybe we'll do that in a few weeks.

Jill Manning said...

That is awesome! I am so bummed that I missed out one the fun...running off with body forms is just my kind of thing! I will start thinking of an appropriate name because Rachel is right, she must have a name! I wish I could have a few Apron Nights to bond with her though to help with the process!

The McMillans said...

It's simple really, Margret is her name, Margret Elizabeth Madsen!

Um, seeing you all in a mischievious state of high on life exhileration, made me really want to be there with you. Might I add as well, that you all are serious babes! I love the picture of Christie driving as if nothing had just happened. Too funny!

(just kidding, you can name her whatver you want!)

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