Friday, April 4, 2008

pepped up by a compliment

I know that we are always complementing each other on our sewing skills or the new things being made. And it's so great to hear others vocalize that you are doing a good job. Like Jessica finishing her 1st apron or Abbey's purple one she made on Wednesday. It's so fun, but at the same time. I feel like we are equals sewing together as friends. None of us are above the other in talent or finesse. Well, Jason's grandma sent me an email just after Easter then sent me sky high - this is what she wrote:

I am so proud of you and way you can sew. It looks so nice. You sew like Aunt babe and Mama jean. Those skirts the girls had in St. Johns were just darling. We use to wear skirts like that when we were in high school. loved them, sure did hate to iren them. Mom was a beautiful seamtrest too.
So proud of you. Paige and James are so good but always busy. You will have your hands full
Love to all Jason we missed you

I don't know if I revert back to a child like confidence when I'm spoken to by my "elder's" but the fact that she noticed and took the time to tell me how she felt made me ecstatic. It is the world's best compliment when parents, teachers, and the older generations stop and take note of your attempts to be like them.


Christie said...

How wonderful that your grandma-in-law took time to compliment you! You deserve it though Maren, you are a wonderful seamstress with great vision for creativity.

Jill Manning said...

That was so nice of your Grandma-in-law to say to you! I think maybe one of the reasons that those sort of compliments mean just a little bit more is because for so long we didn't cherish them as we should of. Meaning when we were teenagers...high school! That is a gem of an email to receive and have every right to feel pepped up from it! You rock Maren!

Jill Manning said...

And by the way Christie...I love the new layout! I can't get enough of the polka dots, you always know how to makes things look great! Thanks for sharing your talents!

The Blakes said...

I chuckled when you said we are all equal in our abilities, though I appreciated the kind words. You are always inspiring me and motivating me to get my machine out, even if only at home.

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