Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Run, Don't Walk!!!

I had no intention of buying yet another apron patter when I went to Joanns last but when I saw signs saying that Simplicity Patterns were only .99 cents I had to take a look and see if they had anything new and I am soooo happy that I did!!! Look at those adorable aprons! I couldn't believe that each one of those could be mine, and can be yours if you hurry, for just .99 cents! They look like the most darling dresses but even better...they are aprons!!!! I'm starting on letter A today, I will post pics when I am done but I want every single one! So as I was saying, Run to Joanns ladies, don't walk!


The McMillans said...

Jill! I could not agree with you more! Those are so cute, I cannot wait to see the finished result.

Happy sewing!

Christie said...

JIll, I RAN to Joanns (you know how hard that can be 7 months pregnant) and they didn't have the same 99 cent sale. But I did see that they had lots of new, cute apron patterns. I can't wait to see how yours turns out.

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