Sunday, April 27, 2008

Sell Out

Well Ladies, if this doesn't get me banned from the SSC, I don't know what will. After attempting to work on my apron several times this weekend, but failing to make substantial.. okay any... progress at all, I caved in and bought one from Etsy. I love it and I think (hope, pray) that Abbey will love it too! I had every good intention of making my own, but when you procrastinate til the last weekend, then get the flu on top of the regular prego symptoms, sometimes fate just doesn't work in your favor.

Sorry for the lame excuse Abbey, and I PROMISE I will still complete one for you made by my own hands. I hope you'll take this as a peace offering until then, as well as a lunch date with me. (Just what you always wanted!) At least the fabric is Amy Butler, another consolation. I only copied the thumbnail pic, so I know it's tiny. I know I'm on the verge of being kicked out anyway because of my sparse attendance, so forgive my feeble attempt at redeeming myself now. :)


Maren said...

way cute apron!!! This swap is ran by a slacker and I actually said at the beginning it could be bought... hell, I can be bought. Don't stress you have a lot on your plate, and we won't kick you out either. Most people just wander away when they realize were not as funny as we think we are.

Christie said...

I think it would take an awful lot to get you kicked out the club, Rach, and this certainly isn't one of those times. You have to do what is easiest for you...being pregnant and sick is no fun! Hope you get better soon.

The McMillans said...

Rachel, I don't think such a thing.

Being sick is no fun. Hang in there.

Abigail said...

You're crazy... I am excited for any apron and I would love to go to lunch with you.

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