Monday, April 21, 2008

Twarted Thursdays

Well Ladies - we've done it again... changed sewing night back to Thursdays. I got a call from Thursday last week telling me how neglected it felt and that it really needed the attention and limelight it once held... so I caved in - you know how convincing Thursday can be.

Thursday's - Maren's House - 7pm

(earlier hours for us tired out prego's - which consists of 89% of this group)
p.s. The apron pictured is my latest purchase from Kellie of Laughing Otter - she just launched her new Etsy site & I snatched this up before anyone else could. Check her out here!


Christie said...

If that apron comes up missing, don't blame me or come search my house for it...I'll have no idea where it may have gone.

Jill Manning said...

Um, hello adorable little sneak, way to get your hands on that first!!! I'm glad that Thursday is getting its recognition has been good to our little group!

Kellie said...

Thanks for the nod Maren! I still haven't seen a picture of you and your pregnant belly wearing that apron! :)

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