Thursday, May 1, 2008

Another Apron Swap Success Story!

I got my apron from Aubrey yesterday in the mail, and I was so excited! And that excitement only increased when I saw ric rac, pink polka dots and a cute halter top pattern all at once!!! Aubrey you did a phenomenal job and I absolutely love this apron!!! Thank you for putting the time and effort into it, I love it! And actually I bought this apron patter the other week when the patterns were only one cent and now I really want to do it because it is so darn cute!


The McMillans said...

JILL!!!! It is so cute on You! I was hoping that this would fit the preg belly and now I see before my eyes that it does! I am so glad you like it! I love it on you, you are so beautiful.

I love the colors on you as well.

val of the south said...

That is so darn cute!

I can't wait to get moved and unpacked so I can start making aprons again - I'm being so teased by all the cute aprons here and on the Apronista blog...arg!!!!

Love seeing all the swaps - can't wait to join you guys!

The Blakes said...

The halter is SO sassy! What a great pattern!

Christie said...

Adorable! I love it..the pattern really flatters you. I can hear a conversation starting something like this, "Oh Ty, I'm in the kitchen waiting for you in my apron."

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