Monday, May 5, 2008

awesome pleated ruffle

I love pleated Ruffles - they just add an extra something to project. And there are so many lovely talented ladies that make truly fabulous tutorials on how to do them. They make something that looks so hard - and make it understandable. Check out this TUTORIAL HERE.


Giabella Designs said...

WOW! Thanks for the all of the love! I secretly wish I was a part of your club! You girls are so lucky to have that group of yours! I am a lone apron maker here in Florida! Keep up the good work!

Thanks again Maren!

Christie said...

That pleat is my favorite look right now...I'm so glad Sue Ann did a tutorial. When I have patience and am not all thumbs I will definitely be trying it out. Thanks Sue Ann!

jeanetta said...

ooooo i like that pleated ruffle. i'll have to check out that tute. cant believe i didnt see you blog link before. i am going to have to check out all your stitching secrets. :)

Dellitt said...

sadly the link to the tutorial no longer works :(

Maren said...

Dellitt - I just checked that link and your right. How disappointing. I found another good tutorial on the web and made a ling for it. Thanks for letting us know.

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