Thursday, May 8, 2008

So Darling

Thanks Maren, for the little nudge to finally post...I've been super busy this week getting ready for my parents to come, Heath's graduation, Mother's Day...etc. Anyways, Jill made this adorable apron!!!! Sorry, it took me so long to post your hard work! I love how the ric rac fades from light to bright pink! So creative, miss Jill. I love it! I'll wear it around the house just to feel cute when I feel like a dead mommy! I love the buttons on the side too. nice touch. Thanks Jill for all your hard work and attention to detail. She used the same color of thread for each color of ric rac. It's looks so professional! Way to go.


The McMillans said...

Stacey! You are darling! I love this apron on you. What a great job Jill did. I love and I mean love how much ric rac is on this apron. SO cool

Maren said...

this is my summertime dress apron if I were 50 lbs. ligther and it went missing. I wouldn't feel bad for Stacey knowing it was well loved! Ha! It is so beautiful. Jill, you did an incredible job!

Jill Manning said...

Oh I am so glad that it came and that you like it...its not the most practical apron but you can feel like the ultimate girly girl in it and that is what is important! Good luck with all the crazy stuff going on in your life right now, I hope it settles down for you sometime soon!

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