Wednesday, June 11, 2008

So I am finally posting this is a dress that I made Olivia and her doll it was my first attempt at making clothes Olivia loved it and that made the time spent worth while.

Just another one of "Happy Olivia."

I got this crazy idea to make blankets for a few of my highschool friends that were having babies. Lets just say I don't think I will be doing this again anytime soon.

Just a close up. She is having twins so I did a boy and a girl one.

Friday, June 6, 2008

easy peasy cheesy capes

These capes were made from old t-shirts. We went to the movies & after coming home my kids were still reliving the movie - so to make up for a years worth of neglect I spent a couple hours constructing these easy capes. The best part is that there are no ties. I kept the neckline of the t-shirt so they can slip it on or off whenever they want.

So Here's what I did:

Step 1. Cut off sleeves at the arm pits.

Step 2. Cut off the front of the shirt.

Step 3. Serge the sides or fold for a clean hem & sew.

Step 4. Do not cut through the neck of the shirt unless you want to make ties.

Step 5. Use remnants of other t-shirts to make a letter for the back of the cape, zigzag stitch it on.

Step 6; You can use the discarded sleeves to make a mask. Just use a fabric pen to trace around the child's eye and cut (after removing it from child - might be safer)

Mark Your Calendars

June 19th marks the return of Apron Night. We've been on a bit of a summer hiatus - but on Thursday June 19th at 7pm we reunite in sisterly sewingness. So mark you calendars and get ready for some good times as we begin to plan our 1 year anniversary party! YEAH!

Christie's lil' angel

On June 4th at 4:00 PM our family was blessed with the addition of a healthy baby boy. He weighed 8lbs and was 19 inches long. Both he and Mommy are doing well, and the older kids are excited to have a new baby brother. We've decided to name him Gavin Webb McMillan.
Thanks for all the thoughts and well-wishes you've been sending our way! (This was taken from Christie's blog) Jen & I went to see Christie today in the hospital. Gavin looks just like Kevin & Cade. Those strong masculine McMillan genes! He is sweet and very peaceful. He hadn't eaten in quite a few hours and was content to let me hold him. Christie will be coming home on Saturday. Congrats! Christie we love you!

This is the baby gift I made for the New Momma! These are her favorite colors other than pink and pink.

Hancock's Closing Store in Mesa

Hey Ladies... now is a good time to stock up. Hancock Fabric on Univeristy & Gilbert is closing up shop. Right now fabric is selling at 30% off lowest marked price. Next Thursday I overheard a sales clerk that it will go up to 40%. That includes carry-ons, totes, and sewing machines. Bias tape, ribbon & buttons were 40 to 50% off. This was just Thursday night that I was there & they still had a bit of fabric. You might want to check it out.

Apron Week at Zoe's

The week of June 16 through 21 is Apron Week at Zoe's!!!! Many of you have already enjoyed the delightful display in our front window, featuring several pieces from local designer Cindy Taylor Oates. We are inviting YOU to bring in your own creative apron for a viewer's choice award ($50 Gift Certificate) We'll hang them on the line in the shop during the week and all your friends can come in and stuff the ballot box!!!! You'll see the staff in their own creations or precious vintage pieces. Fun for all!!! (Please drop off your entry by June 14 to be eligible)

Monday, June 2, 2008

My latest!

I know I posted this cover on my blog but seeing that every one is very very busy and it has been a while since something new has been posted, I thought I would post it here as well. I used that tutorial that I posted earlier and it worked good but I think I would do it again with less exposed raw edges...until I get a serger of course! Bring on the breastfeeding, it may not be fun and it may hurt at first, but at least I will be stylin...right? I bought enough boning (it okay, Ty snickers too when he hears me say that word) to make a lot more, so let me know if you want one too, since we are all pretty much prego or will be again soon, it is only necessary.

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