Wednesday, July 30, 2008

I knew this would happen...

I know it's either feast or famine when I post. Sorry if I come across as a fair weather seamstress, but hey, I do what I can. I also knew this would happen...I'm finally into my groove, staying at home with Ty, crafting, I have a cleaning schedule down, and a million and one projects started (or brewing in my head) and now that things seem to be going like clockwork...I have to go back to work on Tuesday. Aargh!

I thought I'd post my recent projects/project beginnings, and I'll post complete projects when I'm done! I finished the Emmaline Monday, and I love it! The aprons I love the most always have a recipient other than me...too bad, I am so tempted to keep this one.

If I had anyone else to model it, I would employed them. The prego belly just doesn't enhance the cuteness of this apron!
The other apron that is nearly finished is STILL awaiting the proper bias tape from JoAnns.
I hate waiting.

For me, half the battle of starting any sewing projects is the cutting. This morning I cut up Trent's old denim and some quilting fabric for his Christmas present. He asked me to make him a denim quilt a year ago, and I'm finally getting started. I love the quilt square cutting blocks, they make the process so much faster. I've got to get a move on with this project if I want to finish by Christmas...which means before the baby comes.

I don't have any plans of slowing down on my projects this time...except for the John Mayer concert tonight, brunch with the neighbor girls tomorrow, hair appt with Chelsea on Friday, Breaking Dawn on Saturday, church on Sunday, then back to work next week.

The fun just never ends...


Monday, July 28, 2008

My first trip...

on Denver's light rail will be to....Fancy Tiger! I'm already looking for great fabric shops and craft stores. I have so many projects that I want to start and need to finish before Christmas. This quaint little boutique looks like it will fit the bill. Hopefully I can find a kindred spirit there (maybe Jill's sister-in-law) that will want to come with me. By the way, Jill if you know of any great little shops around the area, let me know!!

P.S. For those of you that don't know, I just so happen to be moving into Jill's old ward in Colorado! Crazy world huh? I'll be in the same ward with her fantabulous parents and her brother's family! We didn't even realize it till last week. We just might have a CO Chapter here very soon.

Sunday, July 27, 2008


PROOF that I have not become an apostate member of the Secret Stitch Club.
EVIDENCE as to why I can't make any progress when my child is awake.

Beka can attest to this! Every time I lay out fabric to pin and cut,
Ty sprawls out in the middle thinking I've just invited him to a lovely picnic.

My goal was to complete 3 aprons this weekend before the stroke of midnight on Sunday. It's 11:30pm and I have 2 aprons that are 90% finished. Not entirely my fault, JoAnn's was out of the bias tape I needed and I need a fresh set of eyes to finish the halter on the Emmaline. Hopefully I'll have lots of goodies to show by this time next weekend. And thanks for the continued inspiration from all of you ladies! Just because I don't attend every week doesn't mean I don't love you and your creativity!
(It just means I'm a pansy of a pregnant lady who goes to bed at ridiculously early hours.)

Friday, July 25, 2008

Dancing Queens

Last night Beka, her friend Ronnie, and I went to see Mamma Mia. It was a really fun movie! (Although you do have to watch out for Beka...she wanted to go dance in the aisles!) During the Dancing Queen scene all of the women in the village join Meryl Streep to dance down to the dock. Being the apron dork I am I notice all the aprons the women are wearing as the dance. Then Beka leans over and says, "See all the aprons Christie?" We laughed and then I didn't feel like such a nerd. So here, for your viewing pleasure, is that scene. It's a little blurry, but I know your apron-trained eyes will catch 'em.

Monday, July 21, 2008

couldn't pass this up

This gorgeous apron was made by my friend Sue Ann. You can find her blog here and her Etsy shop here. Anyway, she made this for a friend and I happened upon it through the Apronista site. I immediately saved the photos so I could look at it again & again. I checked out her Etsy & found one for sale. This fabric is as vintage as I am. Is that cool or what? I couldn't resist picking it up. Check out the detail. She is amazingly talented!

found a great tutorial

Hi there... you must think I am glued to this computer... well, that is so rt of true. When your prego, your bum sort of molds into whatever you are sitting on and then it's aolmost impossible to remove yourself from it. Anyway, Do you remember Abbey's rag quilts she did a month ago? I found a great tutorial online on how to make them. Just check this out. Happy Sewing!

really creative SSC ladies

This thread catcher was made by Stacey. I think it is such a clever little device that I had to take a picture of it & post it. Stacey said it wasn't that easy to make, but it's a great idea and sure would make sewing & clean up a lot easier.

This is how it works. It just hangs off the side of your sewing desk & you throw all your thread & bits of whatever in it. My floor is usually covered with thread that either missed the garbage can or was just tossed on the floor for convenience sake. Anyway, I found a tutorial & pattern on how to make them in case anyone is interested. Just look here.

This blanket was made by Abbey and I am fortunate enough to be the recipient of it. It is the cutest blanket I've seen in a long time. Abbey claims it was easy enough to make, but looking at all the ribbon... I have my doubts as to what constitutes "easy" in Abbey's book.

This is a closeup on the ribbon she used. I love all the texture and variation on colors & widths that she used.

This is the reverse side. The colors are adorable and would go great for either a girl or a boy since we have yet to find out what I am having. I did find a tutorial for one, it's more of a simplified version, but if your interested in making one yourself... you can figure out the difference. Just click here.
I am amazed at the talent that surrounds us daily & in the most unexpected places. Who knew we'd be such kindred spirits or sewing like mad only a year ago. You guys are the best group of friends I've ever had and I'm so lucky to be a part of our little sewing club!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

next months projects

I don't know if I'm purposely trying to keep myself occupied for the next 8 weeks or what (secretly knowing I will be useless after the baby is born), but here are a few of my upcoming projects. This gorgeous bag is by my favorite designer, Amy Butler. She is the Martha Stewart of the sewing world (yes. we have our own little warped world)

This bag is not only freaking cute! But after finding that my favorite fabric store Zoe's didn't have it in stock, I became obsessed with finding it. I want to make it for my little sis who works for the airlines & is always taking little weekend trips here & there and has saved me tons of $ on a few last minute flights recently. Anyway, I bought it online from a cool company that doesn't charge you insane amounts for shipping. It's and they have tons of cool stuff & patterns. I'm hoping my mom will help out since it is for her favorite child & I'm afraid it might be a little out of my sewing league.

I'm making the Emmeline apron for my sister-in-law Jen for her bday at the end of the month. She is always a big help watching my kids when she is in town, plus she thinks it will help her chest look big, even if it's just while she is cooking. I think I will make it out of the green/pink flower & polka dot fabrics. I will post a picture when I finish it.

Then for Abbey my ever cherished friend & neighbor I am going to make her a serger cover out of the tan & pink toile. It's the least I can do for her.I have a perfectly good high chair for my baby, but the cover has been thrown away (probably for very good reasons). So I will probably "pull a Molly" (my mom - let's not forget the infamous kitchen chair pads) and come up with some sort of pattern resembling the cushion pad below, using the check print pictured above. Next to the check is really thick canvas type fabric. It's technically to block out sunlight. I love summer, but not when the sun rises at 5am and disturbs my vampire-like slumber. I will also be making them for James & Paige's rooms. I hate the complaint "but the sun hasn't gone down yet... yeah. it won't for another few hours, so let's try to sleep anyway" ... aaarrgghh! I'm also hoping it will help Buchanan Baby #3 to sleep like the rest of us vampires & quickly adjust to her/his new home. Keep your fingers crossed.The last thing is that I just picked up this new Retro Apron book from Zoe's. Aren't these aprons the cutest - so you can probably expect to see a few of these in the months to come.

summer time projects

I know that summer can get busy... it's funny because we wait all year for the semester or school year to end so things will slow down - only to wish for it to start back up again so we can have a moments free time. Let's face it - we're never appeased. So just to prove that although my mind is always idle... my hands have not been. This is what I've been up to this summer.


These little dearies were mothers day gifts made by myself & my mother-in-law for her sister & friend for Mothers Day. They are the Carol Taylor Oates Retro Apron B, I started sewing them at her house and although Annette has a fancy -pants machine, I felt like I'd never sewn before. It's amazing how much having a serger can cause you to become severely handicapped when your without it. But I managed until I could get home & finish the project right. This spring boarded Annette & her other sister, Auntie MaryBeth to have a sewing frenzied weekend where they both made more great aprons.

This little number was an Apron Swap I organized through The Apronista Ning Group. It was a lot of fun. I think I bought 4 different kinds of fabric for this project, and ended up using none of them. I agonized over which to use and created this thing at 2am the night before I went out of town (using no pattern). My partner, Tracey either really liked it, or is just a really nice person (I'm leaning towards the second choice). You can read all about Tracey here. You can check out her stuff on Etsy here.

I had to post this picture. I wish I could say I made this one, but it would just be a big fat lie. I got this apron from the afore mentioned swap. Jeannetta creates the most amazing aprons she usually just sales them in boutiques. Anyway, I gave her the phrase "tutto toile" which translates from Italian as "everything toile" (since I'm a lot obsessed with toile) - and she surprised me with this adorable apron which I LOVE! You can see Jeanetta's cute stuff here.

This black & lime green combo was created for my fab friend Christie the Pres of the SSC, for her baby gift. She wouldn't let us throw her a shower, and other then eating breakfast & getting our toe nails painted she had nothing to show for a shower. I decided to make this adorable apron and give it to her in the hospital where she would be too weak to refuse. These are Christie's favorite colors and this pattern is the latest from Megan of Montessori by Hand. It is called the Lola Apron & comes with patterns for a Lolita apron (pipsqueak) - if Christie had a girl I would have made a matching daughter duo. I went through hell to get it for her on time. But it was worth it. Plus it matches her cute IKEA plates. You can get the pattern here.


This one was a quickie for the infamous Auntie MaryBeth. She suckered me into it & I can't say no to her. She is a woman after my own heart. She had (almost) everything cut out & serged - so really it was just piecing together & sewing on bias tape. It is a double sided CTO Retro Apron B. It's made from Home Fabrics so it's pretty darn thick. But it did turn out nice.

This is my beloved serger taking a well earned siesta under her new red & yellow toile cover. I found a free serger or sewing machine cover pattern and decided to customize it by adding elastic and the bias tape for accents. I had to tweak a few things to get it right, but it turned out and I'm tickled with the end result. Plus it keeps my kids from poking at her or messing with her strings.

This curtain I actually made before the serger cover. There wasn't a pattern. I just had a basic idea and measured the window, so I could buy the right amount of fabric. I bought a striped fabric to hang out underneath from behind, but both fabrics together darkened the room too much and I didn't like the overall look. So a little more tweaking and viola! This is what I get & I really do love window treatments.

This was the material I bought to make 10 pillow cases (pattern & tips found here). Last Tuesday, my house was crammed with 10 & 11 year old girls from church here to make a sewing project. At the last minute the planner of the activity had to leave town & my new partner had a sick baby. So I called Abbey & she came with her serger & kids in tow to my rescue. Another mom (Shauna) kept them playing games till it was their turn to sew. It actually wasn't too bad. It took us roughly 2 hours to assist the girls in making them, with the fact that many of the girls had never touched a machine before. Ironically after having to rethread our sergers countless times we threatened the girls not to touch them. Sewing machines take less then 10 seconds to thread... the choice is obvious. Thanks Abbey & Shauna for helping out. I couldn't have done it without you.

The next project matches a valance I made for my dining room earlier this year.

My last project (of the month - I hope) is one that I just finished last night 2am - its my dining room table cloth. I absolutely love it! I've had this 54X54 piece of toile fabric covered with bulky/ugly pieces of clear vinyl sitting on my table since I bought the darn thing 2 years ago. Well, recently I heard about this awesome (yet very pricey) adhesive iron-on vinyl that turns regular fabric into a durable oil cloth-ish type material. It is awesome & works really well. The downside is that it is only 17 inches wide which sucks, but it does it's job well - so just keep your Joann's 40% off coupons & it will make itself worth your while.

They recommend you adhere the vinyl before you begin your sewing projects, but I'm a little bassackwards, so I made my table cloth first & then added the vinyl & it still worked very well. There are no seams they just melt into each other & the best part is that although it is time consuming when making something big like this... it is super easy! Well, sewers... I've showed you my summer projects - now you must show me yours!

Thursday, July 3, 2008

oh, what do you do in the summer time....

I've not really been sewing much this summer. We've been coming & going. Arizona is a beautiful place to live, but most residents seek a retreat from the heat or stay indoors during the summer. The heat takes every last ounce of energy you have (and if your 7 1/2 months pregnant - let's face it, there's not much left)... So what do I do if I'm not sewing? I dream of slimmer days & what I'm going to buy next summer. Check out these cute clothes... This is the Davenport Dress from it sales for $29.99

This is the Simply Perfect dress for $29.99 - this might be a nice post baby dress to cover all my unsightly lumps & bumps, also from
So, that's not even the best part. They have real honest to goodness sales for us bargain shopper. I love "modest" clothing the same as the next girl, but most clothes are pricey & I'm a clearance rack girl at Target kind of shopper. I love that DownEastBasics offers real live sales... Check these cuties out!

Confetti Dress for $14.99 Polka dot Dress for $12.99 Seaside Dress for $21.99 (all of these loverlies were $29.99-34.99 - not too shabby)

Last of all I do have to show off my favorite swimsuits. They are pricey and really cute. Maybe at the end of the season they will go on sale but for now I just drool.

And really - I don't think v-necks flatter busty girls like myself. I think they just exploit the goods, if you know what I mean.
This is adorable if only my chesty sized chest could fit in that cute suit.

Who doesn't love green & brown and this model has the perfect body for this suit. I will keep hoping & praying that by next summer I can be at my WW (weightwatchers) pre-pregnancy weight. That would rock. My legs & thighs will never look like hers - but for me, it will feel great to hop in the pool not lugged down by "x" number of extra pounds.

The above pictured swimsuits are sold individually & the tops only are $48 and can be found at

Then as a shout out to my discount shopping girlies... DownEastBasics offers these beauties:

These are sold separately (of course) but go for $24.99 - and they are still really cute.

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