Monday, July 21, 2008

couldn't pass this up

This gorgeous apron was made by my friend Sue Ann. You can find her blog here and her Etsy shop here. Anyway, she made this for a friend and I happened upon it through the Apronista site. I immediately saved the photos so I could look at it again & again. I checked out her Etsy & found one for sale. This fabric is as vintage as I am. Is that cool or what? I couldn't resist picking it up. Check out the detail. She is amazingly talented!


The AZ McMillans said...

Wow! I love that's so original. Great find Maren.

Cyndi said... you have no idea who I am and I have no idea who you are. I am a old friend to Stacey Reed and I happened to link onto your blog (I'm always looking for great crafting/sewing projects). I have a question about your curtains. You said you didn't use a it just a big square piece of fabric you sewed? Is the ribbon actually holding it up, or does it just appear to be? More details please!

Cyndi said...

P.S. The red & yellow toile curtains.

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