Sunday, July 20, 2008

next months projects

I don't know if I'm purposely trying to keep myself occupied for the next 8 weeks or what (secretly knowing I will be useless after the baby is born), but here are a few of my upcoming projects. This gorgeous bag is by my favorite designer, Amy Butler. She is the Martha Stewart of the sewing world (yes. we have our own little warped world)

This bag is not only freaking cute! But after finding that my favorite fabric store Zoe's didn't have it in stock, I became obsessed with finding it. I want to make it for my little sis who works for the airlines & is always taking little weekend trips here & there and has saved me tons of $ on a few last minute flights recently. Anyway, I bought it online from a cool company that doesn't charge you insane amounts for shipping. It's and they have tons of cool stuff & patterns. I'm hoping my mom will help out since it is for her favorite child & I'm afraid it might be a little out of my sewing league.

I'm making the Emmeline apron for my sister-in-law Jen for her bday at the end of the month. She is always a big help watching my kids when she is in town, plus she thinks it will help her chest look big, even if it's just while she is cooking. I think I will make it out of the green/pink flower & polka dot fabrics. I will post a picture when I finish it.

Then for Abbey my ever cherished friend & neighbor I am going to make her a serger cover out of the tan & pink toile. It's the least I can do for her.I have a perfectly good high chair for my baby, but the cover has been thrown away (probably for very good reasons). So I will probably "pull a Molly" (my mom - let's not forget the infamous kitchen chair pads) and come up with some sort of pattern resembling the cushion pad below, using the check print pictured above. Next to the check is really thick canvas type fabric. It's technically to block out sunlight. I love summer, but not when the sun rises at 5am and disturbs my vampire-like slumber. I will also be making them for James & Paige's rooms. I hate the complaint "but the sun hasn't gone down yet... yeah. it won't for another few hours, so let's try to sleep anyway" ... aaarrgghh! I'm also hoping it will help Buchanan Baby #3 to sleep like the rest of us vampires & quickly adjust to her/his new home. Keep your fingers crossed.The last thing is that I just picked up this new Retro Apron book from Zoe's. Aren't these aprons the cutest - so you can probably expect to see a few of these in the months to come.


JC & Jen Young said...

I love that fabric and even if id DOES make me look bustier only when cooking thats fine I will take whatever help I can get!! Thanks!!! love ya

Stacey said...

am definitely loving those aprons and am desperate to make another cute one! I guess I'll have to start it with my CO chapter, which I'm sure will be just me for a time. Hey! Maybe Jill's sister in law will join me!

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