Saturday, August 9, 2008


Spooky huh? As I was writing checks yesterday I realized that this moment in time called for a serious celebration. What was I to do? How could one possibly celebrate such a day with the appropriate bling?

Well, we decided to go to Cafe Rio? I know, it has not relevance, but that is how my evil stay at home mind works. Lately I loathe doing the dishes, and I mean scathingly loathe it!!! So we went to cafe Rio and there I was after downing my salad at the best fabric store I have ever been to. "Material Girls" and wouldn't you know it, they too were mystified by such a date, and were celebrating themselves. Everything was 8% off on top of sale prices. So I partook in a little shopping. You see, I have to get everyone's birthday presents bought and figured out before my knee surgery on Friday. So, My sister in Law will be the lucky recipient of this apron below. It will also be the first (collective) project of the secret stitch of Utah.

This is a size 6, my next project will be grading the fabric in different sizes :0 Isn't it a really cute pattern?


The McMillans said...

And it's lined! Which is my favorite!

Jill Manning said...

I love the way you think! What a better way to celebrate such a great date than cafe rio's amazing salads, a favorite fabric store and an adorable apron! You did a great job and the fabric combo is adorable! What a luck sister in law (is it Christie?) and I hope that your knee surgery goes well, good luck!

The AZ McMillans said...

Aubrey that apron is GORGEOUS! The fabric is fabulous and that pattern is so cute. You did a wonderful job on it (and may I say that you look mighty fab yourself!). Yea for the SSC of Utah!

The Blakes said...

That apron is fabulous! You seem to be able to find a reason to celebrate everything in life, one of my favorite things about you!

The McMillans said...

Also, if you have never heard of Heather Bailey, I demand that you look at her stuff. Just type in heather Bailey into a search engine and voila! You will be amazed. That is how I found this fabric and pattern. I am saving up to buy some of her stuff at Material girls. :) She has really cute fabric, simply delicious.

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