Tuesday, August 19, 2008

One Year!!!

Happy Birthday
Secret Stitch Club!!
The Secret Stitch Club (aka SSC, apron club, sewing night, girls-only-stay-out club, obsessed-with-all-things-aprony bunch, yes-we-are-insane posse) is one year old...give or take a month. One year ago a few women, who really didn't know each other very well, discovered each other's interest in cute aprons and decided to get together to sew one. Maren offered her home and we all gathered one Tuesday evening, full of trepidation and excitement, ready to sew our own apron. Most of us had never sewn anything! Check out our first apron night here and meet the first four members of the club here. We are still going strong. Sometimes it may just be Maren and Christie, or Maren and Abbey, or Maren and Abbey and Christie. Toss in Rachel a few times a month, Jen who treks over from East Mesa every now and then, and Beka or Chelsea or any other gals who may stop by to chat. We would be very remiss not to include our fabulous founder Jill (who hopefully will be rejoining us soon!). Of course, we cannot forget our faithful member of the Utah chapter of the SSC, Aubrey, or our new Colorado chapter in care of Stacey.

One year later we have purchased hundreds of yards of fabric, sewn dozens of aprons and have tackeled dresses, quilts and blankets, and spent (too many) hours browsing Joanns and Zoes. We have new sewing machines, sewing boxes and projects waiting to happen. We've had new girls join, babies born, sewing skills sharpened, friends move, beautiful projects created, and friendships strengthened. Who remembers the first apron they created? I know mine is now in my scrap pile after it fell apart in the washer. Who remembers the first machine they sewed on? Mine was over 20 years old, one I inherited from my grandma, and is now in the closet awaiting repair or DI or, most likely, the garbage. Who remembers when we thought bias tape was evil? Now it's unusual if I don't use it in a project and would actually prefer it to sewing a hem! Who remembers a time when sewing or wasting time searching the internet for new fabric, patterns and tutorials wasn't something we wished we were doing while we were doing something more useful...like the dishes or cleaning the house? I don't!

So here's to another year! Hopefully we'll have more friends, more memories and more laughs (and no more pounds!) to come. Long live the SSC!

(Okay, that last part was cheesy...but I'm on a roll!)


Maren said...

wahoooo!!! Let's party like it's 1999! Just tell me when & where. Christie you remembered a lot of things i have forgotten. Isn't it funny how much we've all changed.

The McMillans said...

You, honestly are too amazing for words. I have loved it. Thank you for the very first package you sent me. From there, it has been kismet.

Jill Manning said...

I can't believe it has been a year already!!! And to think that I spent a good amount of that year in Yuma...it seriously felt like I never left when I came last night! I love our little club and what it has become and I can't wait to celebrate with everyone!!! Here's to many more years!

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