Wednesday, August 27, 2008


I've got two projects on my list that are currently baffling me. I thought I'd ask you all if you have any ideas or suggestions.

1)Blessing Dress

My MIL offered to make Brooke's dress, which I think would be awesome and sentimental. Any ideas where I can find a good pattern? The websites I've looked at online don't show details very clearly so it's hard to know what I'm buying. I'd like something classic/vintage looking.

2)Christmas Stockings

Another request from the hubby. (He's becoming awfully vocal about my sewing projects...:) Have any of you tackled your own stockings yet? My mother has, but I'm not a fan of her pattern/style.

If you've got any ideas, patterns, info, or inspiration...send it my way!


Jill Manning said...

Ty's mom made Elsie's blessing dress, I will ask her what pattern she used. And my sister has been looking stocking patterns as well, I will see if she has found any, I know she has posted pictures of some on her blog but I don't know if they came with patterns. Joanns has some stocking patterns in their books but I can't remember if there were any that were super cute or worth doing. But it is worth taking a look at whenever you are there again (I think I heard you say that Joanns is dead to you).

Anonymous said...

I made my own simple reversible stockings just from tracing one I had of the desired size.

Pay attention to which direction you want your stocking to hang and what fabric you want to show...this will depend on how you cut out your fabrics. It didn't matter to me, but not all our stockings hung the same way :x

Cut your stockings and cuffs, one each of the 2 coordinating fabrics. Sew the stockings together, turn right side out. Sew the 2 cuffs together right sides together, at one side seam. Take a small hem at the bottm, then sew the other side seam together. Place INSIDE the stocking, wrong side stocking and right sdie cuff together. Sew cuff on, pull up, and fold over and topstitch. Sew a little loop to hang by.

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