Tuesday, August 12, 2008

more summer projects (aka will this baby ever come)

So while I was in Utah I went to their (crappy old) Joann's and found this remnant piece of fabric. For $2.50 I got just a titch over a yard of fabric. Paige & I made our first mother/daughter sewing project and made her a summer dress. She surged up the back and around the bottom of her dress, and I made the little fluttery sleeves.

I had a lot of extra fabric, because the remnant piece was an adult size, so I used the extra to make an elastic waisted skirt for my darling niece. I also had made 3 yards of 1" double fold bias tape that turned out the wrong color for an apron, but was perfect to trim both the dress and skirt with. Then my mom had some white rick rack that added a finished touch. It's not a perfectly symmetrical skirt, but neither is the seamstress.

Cute girls posing together... except Molly is more interested in what everyone else is doing.

This was my other Utah project. I had the material and in Utah I found the time and used my mom's pattern. I didn't finish up the bias tape until I got back to AZ, but I love the end result & so will my sister-in-law for her belated birthday gift.

here isn't so much a project as much as a dilemma. What do you do when your daughter is growing like a weed? Paige got this dress in July from her aunt as a birthday gift. It fit great til we washed it, then it fit okay... but in a month it would be too short.I went to Joann's and found this great lace. It was kind of pricey, but with a coupon it was reasonable. 3" instantly added to the dress and the pleat in it adds to the overall look of the dress. I surged across the top to keep it from unraveling and then sewed it in. I also made a 1" strip of bias tape to help weigh down the sewn in slip.

The end result a dress that she can wear for a few more months. And she does look adorable if I must admit it.


The Blakes said...

If this baby doesn't come soon, the whole neighborhood while be sporting coordinating fashions! (Make sure I'm on the list if you're obsessive sewing takes you there...)


The McMillans said...

Maren! I love it! I love it all, your taste, and ability is exquisite. You go girl.

Cherise said...

I found your blog through a friend. I was wondering where you get this apron pattern. Can you purchase this pattern or is there a pattern that you went from and improvised? I am wanting to make a cute apron and would appreciate your input. Thanks for letting me bug you :)

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