Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Christmas Projects...Part 1

I hope my family doesn't check this website, or they'll spoil their own Christmas this year. I finished two aprons this week. I made a goal to make each woman in my family an apron using a different pattern, so I guess this will be the last Emmaline I make for a while. Oh how I love the Emmaline...I've made four now!

I know the fabric looks familiar...Abbey used it for her nursing cover!

My sister asked me to make aprons for her girls to wear at breakfast to cover their clothes and on Sunday's to cover their dresses while eating. Here is the first. I need to embellish it, and perhaps have Paige model it for me instead of my vacuum cleaner. It is rather cute in person.

Two of the aprons I'm gifting have already been posted. Four down, four to go... Eight weeks to accomplish everything. Once baby comes there are just no guarantees!


jen said...

thanks for the info on that cherries apron! :)

Christie said...

You go girl! You are quite an inspiration. If you can do all this, pregnant and near delivering, then I can too! It gets overwhelming to think of all I need to do. But I'm excited too! Those aprons are very lovely...I love the one for your niece. Great fabric!

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