Monday, September 8, 2008

clever little crafty crafters

So Saturday Jen threw me a wonderful shower with all my awesome apron dorks there to support, give love, eat yummy food, and of course share their amazing talents. I couldn't do a post without showing off their handy work.

This bag wasn't made by one of our Secret Stitchers, but we can all appreciate great talent when we see it. Especially if we feel it is out of our league. This is a diaper messenger bag made by You can see more of her products here. My good friend Jodi gave it to me, and her friend makes them - so I feel like I have a connection to this talented diva.
This is the interior of the bag. Made from canvas 100% washer friendly. You spill a bottle, baby soap leaks out, your kid pukes all over your bag... no problem just toss into the wash. It's durable and trendy. Look at me try to fit in with all the little hot mama's.

This is just a really cool extra. A little pouch that you can Velcro to the strap with a place for cell phone, credit/debit card, or cash. Your not having to lug 2 bags around. And face it, would I really want a Desitin lid to come off inside my purse? yuk. no thanks! I'll just have to be cute & trendy for once in my life.

Here is me wearing the bag, so you can see the size of it. It's huge! You can fit tons in there. What a smart crafter. My hat is off to you - lady. I hope you made a fortune with these little goodies.

Next up... Wendy made this cute blue horsey blanket. She thought I was having a boy (which could be true) but said I could trade it for a pink one if It comes out with no obvious boy parts. But I think I just might keep blue. Paige loved blue & if baby #3 is as cool as her sister - it will like it too. Thanks Wendy! (p.s. Wendy hasn't officially joined the SSC, but we know she will turn diehard very soon)

This was by far the most shocking gift I got. Christie, our beloved Pres., made this baby collection. Usually I think meself kinda clever, and people don't always keep the best of secrets. All Christie said was, "Promise me you won't buy fabric any time soon" and left it at that. I thought nothing of it since my cupboard is overflowing with various fabric that needs to be used first. But I know Christie & her 3 kids leave her very time to herself - let alone time to sew. I'm just amazed that she not only found the time, but made such cool & useful things! Way to go bff!

This last item was made by... okay so it was a gift to myself, made by me, and to be used for my convenience. It is the 3rd nursing cover (aka hooter hider or knocker blocker) I've made & my favorite (probably because it is toile, and we all know my obsession). But I wanted one for when I'm in the hospital & people ( aka nurses, interns, food ladies, etc) just pop in and out of your room to check this or probe you with that. I wanted just a shred of modesty while I try my luck with breastfeeding baby #3. So, that's it. I really applaud Christie, Wendy, Lady, & Abbey (featured in an earlier post) - for their creativity and amazing talents. You girls Rock!


The Blakes said...

You definitely scored some awesome, home-spun goodness for that little one!

Les said...

what a great gifts!

i started cutting my fabric for the 5 ruffel apron last's been several years since i have sewn anything, so we will see how it goes! i will keep you posted :-) thanks for the instrucions!

Christie said...

You are most deserving! Bring the baby on! We need a new member of the SCC...and I predict it's a girl....

Stacey said...

What fun! Sorry I missed the shower. Looks like you're hooter hider ready :)

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