Tuesday, September 16, 2008

a little bit of all of us

When we began this sewing group over a year ago, meeting at my house one Tuesday night... who knew then what we would eventually grow into. I've met some of the best friends of my life and learned to love and appreciate this wonderful group of women. We all vary in our sewing skills (most of us being self-taught) but that's not what holds us together - it's the friendships we have made and the sisterhood we've created.

Near the beginning I had in my mind to create something with pieces from all of us. I collected scraps from many of our earliest aprons and held onto them knowing eventually I'd get around to sewing something. Well, the above pictured 6 ruffle anniversary apron seemed like the perfect representation of our group. Here's to my girls and the fun we've had over the past year!

The Pattern:

The original pattern I credit to Chelsea. She showed up in the fall of last year with a darling apron that we all ooohed and aaaahed over. Then a week later she shows up with the pattern - that she & her mom came up with. No one asked for it, but Chelsea is just like that... always giving and doing for others before the desire escapes your lips. I love this about Chelsea. Not only that - but every party or event with Chelsea is always fun. She just adds so much laughter & pizazz to any event. You know your in to laugh your arse off when Chelsea starts in on a story. She is a hilarious girl that is always a pleasure to be around. (Plus she is responsible for most of the SSC great coifs).
The Neckties & Waist ties:

Where to start with Abbey?... I think just about everyone in the group thought Abbey didn't like them before they got to really know her. But in reality - she didn't care one way or the other. Her personality is closed in and you only really know her when you are lucky enough to spend time with her. You begin to realize she is a girl who speaks her mind and says things like they are. Often times making you bust out laughing at her frankness. Abbey is a go-getter. She finishes projects while the rest of us are still in the hypothetical phase. She branches out and I think has really been an integral part of this group making all kinds of things (not just aprons).

The pieces of Abbey came from her 1st Emmeline apron.

The First Top Ruffle:

Is it kind of symbolic that Christie is our first ruffle? hmmm... I think so. There wouldn't be a SSC without Christie. She has breathed life into this group time and again. At first I was mistaken by Christie's grounded nature and quiet "you-can-do-it" ways. Only spending late nights sewing revealed the true sassss this girl possesses. Christie is the heart and soul of this group. She is encouraging, generous, and kindly. She will support whatever projects you might come up with and cheer you right to the finish line.

The piece of Christie came from a dress/outfit Christie made for her daughter.

The Second Top Ruffle:

When I think of Jen, I think of sincerity and someone who would bend over backwards for you anytime and any place. She is sweet and means what she says. Jen is a trouper and will show up in a moments notice if you tell her it's apron night (and she's forgotten) or ask her for help with anything at all. Jen likes everyone and tries to make everyone comfortable around her. Jen is kind, thoughtful, and best of all she usually shows up with something delicious to munch on.

This piece of Jen came from her 1st apron.

The Third Top Ruffle:

Beka is our late bloomer. She used to show up just for the social atmosphere. She wasn't interested in sewing as much as just hanging out & having a break from her adorable twin boys. What we didn't know was that lurking underneath the surface was a sewing diva just waiting to leap out. Beka is quiet and I spent many a times wondering, "Is she laughing at me or with me?" and just recently I can tell we laugh more often together on most things (although I wouldn't be surprised if she still laughs at me - I like being a dork and most find it funny). Beka adds so much fun and camaraderie to any gathering.... And best of all she's just about ready for the biggest leap of in sewing - buying her own machine. You've come along way baby!

This piece of Beka comes from the anniversary apron swap.

The Body:

I don't think it's symbolic that Rachel is the body. Rachel has used this basic body pattern countless times to make numerous aprons for others. Rachel is always doing things for other, but unlike most - it's unexpected and always a welcome surprise. Rachel loves gatherings and is a social diva. She is a fantastic hostess and someone I try to take cues from.

This piece of Rachel comes from our first fabric swap - from our first night out together.

The Bottom First Ruffle:
Maren, Maren, Maren... what more is there to say. Without you - we'd be homeless. (Seriously you do not expect, nor want me to go on and on about myself).

This piece of Maren comes from a bargain bin buy at Zoe's.

The Second Bottom Ruffle:
Stacey, is our wild card. We thought we had Stacey figured out. She was predictable. She came to hang out & chat. She even bought fabric to "participate" in our sewing endeavors. We thought she was in it for the social hour. We were so wrong. A fire was lit and Stacey took us by storm. She started making all kinds of things right and left and before we knew what hit us, she was ready to begin her own chapter in Colorado. Way to go Stacey! Her kind of fire & enthusiasm makes me proud to call myself an SSC lady.

This piece of Stacey comes from her 1st apron that I'm not sure if she technically ever finished.

The Third Bottom Ruffle:
Jill, sweet Jill. Just like Christie - Jill is the cornerstone to our little sewing group. Jill truly is the unofficial cheer squad of the SSC. She is excited and happy to see other people succeed. She doesn't go off about her own abilities or projects, but they never cease to amaze us. Jill has an eye for fabric and picks the best combinations I've ever seen. We lost Jill for a year to an illness called Yuma, but she has made a quick recovery & jumped in head first with her enthusiasm & gumption, ready to host a good sewing night at the drop of a hat, as only she can.

This piece of Jill came from one of her first aprons - the 1940's house apron. I still love this fabric!

The Bow:

The icing on the cake goes to Aubrey. She is one person I wanted to be bff's with before I even met her. She is a maverick and stands above the crowd. Aubrey had the foresight to see beyond our little cluster of females and pioneer ahead to create a satellite chapter of our group. I love Aubrey's warmth and generosity. I no sooner mentioned some fabric was adorable then she was sending it to me in the mail. Our Utah chapter wouldn't have a prayer without our fearless Aubrey, who continues to shake things up in the vanilla state.

This piece of Aubrey is the aforementioned cute fabric that Aubrey generously sent to me!
Viva Sewing Night!

Well, There you have it! These are the sewing ladies of the SSC - can't you see why I love them! They are individually so great and together make a force to be reckoned with.


The AZ McMillans said...

Sniff, sniff. {wiping a tear away} Maren, you always have a way with words and see the best in everyone. You, my dear, ARE the SSC. Without you...well, we would be sewing around a garbage can fire in the alley. Okay, maybe not that drastic, but we really do appreciate you!

Jill Manning said...

Maren, this was a great post!!! You have captured each of us individually but showed how, together, our little club is so great and the envy of so many. The Secret Stitch will never be duplicated, that is for sure. Thank you for writing this post, it made me so proud to be a secret stitchster!

the Picketts said...

the APRON turned out super cute, like always from you... We all get one right:)??!! I agree, you do have a way with words, thanks for the sweet tribute!

The Blakes said...

We are really so lucky to have each other...and you Maren! Here's to another year of sewing, laughter and memories!

Stacey said...

Thanks Maren for the apron and the great tribute. You put it perfectly. But, hello....you need your own tribute....

So, to Maren...
who always seems to find great fabric patterns and deals, and can never have enough in your basket
who inspires and amazes me with her oh so many projects,
who always makes yummy treats and I mean...deliciouso...pies, cookies, salads, italian everything.
Who always makes everyone laugh and brings life and balance to the party

I miss you all terribly but feel so happy to be part of the SSC. Without each of you, it wouldn't be the same.

val of the south said...

It's sisterhood of the traveling apron!!

You should all take turns wearing it and blog your adventures in the apron...I can't wait to read it!

val of the south said...

Side note to Aubrey,

Please email me at valofthesouth at gmail dot com. I really do still want to join the Utah SSC, it's just taken me a lot longer to get settled in, unpacked (still not!) and acclimated (is it even possible?) to Utah than I thought!
Please send me the details.



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