Saturday, September 13, 2008

National Sewing Month

It's National Sewing Month! I didn't even know they had a month devoted to the art of sewing.
Here are some ways, suggested by the website, to get more involved:

* Teach a family member or friend to sew.
* Volunteer your time and teach sewing to a local youth organization like Girl Scouts and 4-H Clubs.
* Make it possible for someone to learn how to sew. Give employees time off work so they can volunteer their time; or donate fabrics, equipment, and sewing supplies.
* Sew more often. If you haven't been sewing lately, find out what's new in the sewing world at a local fabric or sewing machine store.
* Join your local chapter of the American Sewing Guild at and participate in its activities.
* Register for a class at a local fabric store or sewing machine dealership and take a friend.
* Contact your local public television station and make a contribution that supports sewing programs.
* Create your own sewing circle of friends; it’s fun to sew with others!

In honor of National Sewing Month (and the Stonehill fabric line, which is pretty cute), Joanns has posted this apron tutorial. Click here for the pdf instructions.

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