Monday, September 22, 2008

No you didn't!!!!

Today I was warned of a package destined to my home via the Secret Stitch. I was also warned of my sudden need to burst out into song, or tap dance once opening it. So, I galloped to my mail box, and what was there? The package, the happy inspiring gift that had a hefty expectation along with it

Here is what really happened. A sudden feeling of warmth and appreciation. A feeling so deeply routed to gratitude.

Aren't I cute? I mean with my freshly grown tomatoes from my garden and my child on the counter!!!!!! Yes, I am a model parent. Oh! and no makeup and gym hair. Awesome. This is how unconditionally loved I feel ladies.

Seriously, I am getting the Karaoke machine out, I am singing at the top of my lungs, and more importantly, I am feeling loved, and have a great apron to wear.

I cannot thank you all enough, thank you for making my year! MOOOAH!


The Blakes said...

If we could afford it, we would have sent a plane ticket as well so we could enjoy your presence in person at our next gathering! You inspire and uplift all of us!

Christie said...

I am SOOOO glad you like it! It is a little hodge-podgy, but it was made with love.

The McMillans said...

BTW I love all the fabrics, and I especially love them all together. I have worn this apron so much just since receiving it yesterday. :) And boy, did I feel the love ladies. You are all the best.

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