Sunday, October 19, 2008


Yesterday I went to Blissfest to check out the carnival with Ty. I perused the very cute, and very pricey boutique booths as well. One booth in particular carried darling aprons. My mom declared, in a way only a mother would, "yours look just as good." Careful to accept such a compliment from a woman who may be slightly biased, I looked each one over, examined the stitching, then casually looked at the price tag. Jeepers! Almost all of the aprons were being sold for the same price, $80. At least half of them were patterns our little group has used. Yes, the fabric was dreamy and the embellishments were crafty and clever, but I realized (yet again) just how talented you all are. And that some of you could make some serious dough if you opened a little business. I, for one, need to improve my stitchwork first. And I have no entrepreneurial spirit to speak of. But truly, you gals amaze me. You sew with the best of them!

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The AZ McMillans said...

You are quite the little seamstress yourself Rachel. I have to say that the ruffle apron you made me is my favorite at the moment. You did a great job on it and it is just so cute! And you thought I wouldn't like it. Sheesh.

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