Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Dare I?

I love Christmas time, in case anyone didn't know. I always have. When my dad took too long getting the Christmas lights up on the house (too late to me meant the day after Thanksgiving) you would find me digging them out, untangeling them and laying them out for him wanting to spur him on. I would find every single scrap of green or red paper to decorate the house in. Less was definitely NOT more in my book. Having kids has more than doubled the joy I get from Christmas. Even though they are still pretty young it's exciting to watch as the Spirit of Christmas affects them. Our home is more peaceful, happier. It truly is the most wonderful time of year.

Because I am one of "those moms," one of my favorite things is to have them all in matching Christmas Sunday outfits and then take at least a zillion pictures of them in their Christmas dress. Usually I buy them all from Children's Place because they have a nice family line where both boys and girls of all ages can match. But I am bored with Children's Place. Everything is always plaid. Since I still have Cade's plaid tie and sweater vest from last year (he doesn't grow very much, so it'll still fit) I decided to find something for Gavin and make Myla's dress. So I found a dress pattern that said "easy" on it. I figure I'll have more of a chance that way. :)
Looks cute, no? The only thing is that it has a zipper. I'll admit, zippers make me nervous. To be more honest, they terrify me! The zipper is one of the last things to sew into the dress. So what if I do okay on the rest of the dress and ruin the dang zipper?! I got some tips from a very nice woman while standing in line at Joann's to get my fabric cut. She said to go with an invisible zipper and buy the zipper foot and it will almost put in itself. So we'll see! If I never try I'll never know.

I found this great embroidered organza that was on the red tag clearance table. It was actually exactly what I was looking for, even though I didn't know it. I love the silver leaves on it. It'll overlay the skirt and then I'll have a red ribbon for the sash. I'm so excited! We'll see how it turns out. I will probably be bugging you guys for the next 5 apron nights to get your input on stuff. Maybe between all of us I can get a zipper in the dress. :) See you all tonight!


Jill Manning said...

You are so brave...I knew the day one of us encountered zippers was going to come along and I was just hoping it wasn't going to be me first. I have no doubt it will turn out adorable, I love the fabric!!! What a lucky girl that Myla is!

Maren said...

Remember how we all were biased towards bias tape? We hated the stuff and now it's our bff... I'm sure you'll feel the same for zippers after you see your darling daughter sporting her gorgeous christmas dress.

The Blakes said...

I love the organza. Can I get a matching dress?

The McMillans said...

Zippers are fine...My advice? When you put the zipper in, because it is organza, do it on a wide stich, like a base sitch or bigger, then if you have to unpick it, no problem the organza will not fray, or snag. Then when you know it is in just fine, you can go over it on a smaller stitch. Also, you can put a different zipper in one of your scraps after you cut the dress out.

You conquer everything you will be gorgeous...and I LOVE that you are one of "those Moms". I adore that you are making Myla a dress. Go for it!!! And don't let a zipper put a detour in your idea.

Anonymous said...

My 10 year old daughter and I went to the .99 pattern sale at Hobby Lobby last week. I told her to look for something she'd like. She picked this pattern. I told her it was beyond my skill level!

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