Monday, October 6, 2008


Since i've just finished my 10th APRON(Can you believe it?), my 2nd BANNER, and still working on the never ending-JEAN RAG QUILT, i decided its time to make a post. I'm officially addicted to fabric stores, thinking or copying new cute projects/crafts, and i love making aprons for friends!! I'm so glad i finally learned to sew b/c its a skill i've wanted to learn for a long time.... so thanks to all who inspired me and helped me!

1st Apron:

i did it mainly for the pocket fabric which was a leftover scrap of my mom's fabric

2. Then Mother's Day came around,

and i made this one out of my mom's free stash of red/green & white polka dots Emmaline for my mother in law

3...and this practical reversible one for my mother

she loves it!

4. My mother in law had tons of this leftover fabric which she gave me, so i made this RUFFLE APRON for my sister in law, Carrie's birthday.

5.Then my sister, Rachel had a birthday, so i made her this RUFFLE apron.

i love this PEAR fabric
6. some time after and still in the works is this JEAN RAG day i will finish it, i'm just not motivated i suppose

7. Then the APRON SWAP came around....and i made this one for Maren 7. After going to Hobby Lobby and seeing all the new cute fabrics, i decided to make a couple more 1/2 RUFFLE APRONS for friends birthdays..
this one for Autumn

8. and this one for ??? (i actually dont know yet)
9. i started to make a Happy Birthday Banner with this same fabric, and with the leftovers (and deciding i LOVE this fabric) i made another CHELSEA RUFFLE APRON for myself...i still dont know if i love it or not. (i added a 4th ruffle on the bottom b/c the middle 2 were too short)

i had to throw this one in---Danny was teaching me how to pose in the pics...since he told me i'm a LAME picture poser (even though i think he secretly wanted to wear an apron:))
10. i made the CHURCH LADY apron, for another friend's birthday, but i'm also undecided who to give it too, or i might just keep it for myself (mainly b/c i dont know if i did a very good job on it). i think its cuter in real life.

i think i should've made the main part of the pockets with the contrasting fabric, but for some reason, i kept thinking this way would look better....oh well.

And for my final projects, 2 BANNERS:
i wanted to make a HAPPY BIRTHDAY BANNER

it didn't turn out quite as how i imagined, but it was ok...

Then i got excited to make a HALLOWEEN BANNER: which i love alot more



Christie said...

Ummmm, maybe this is why we hardly ever see each other even though we live next door! You are inside creating beautiful sewing masterpieces! I love both the birthday and halloween banners. And the aprons...very lovely! You were so holding out on us.

Maren said...

You are amazing!! I love your church lady apron. I think that is my favorite. When i made it - I hated it, but your fabric & colors are perfect & make it tres chic! I also love your hbday banner. I might have to break down and make one now.

The Blakes said...

You have been a closet sewing dork for so long... :)

Everything is so cute. I'm in love with the Trick or Treat Banner. I feel another project coming on.

Jill Manning said...

Holy cow Beka, I love all the projects! Those banners turned out adorable, I adore the fabric choices...especially for the Halloween one, it looks so great! You did a great job you should be very proud!

Stacey said...

Wow Beka!!! I am so very impressed! You are showing me up with your amazing creations. You've certainly become quite the seamstress. Way to go!!! I am so jealous. Where in the world do you find all the time? I still have hopes of doing a banner....someday :)

Affordable Bib said...

You are really gifted to have that talent! Your creations is too unique i envy you.

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