Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Garage Sale for Joseph

Hi Ladies, It's that time of year again. I know everyone is busy starting to get Christmas projects underway, being pregnant, going to weddings, or just dealing with everyday life. Our good friend Abby is having their annual fund raiser garage sale to raise money to help her 4 year old son in his battle with autism. This is a good time to get involved and do something to help a wonderful little boy get the treatments he needs. My personal goal is to donate 4 aprons, one to be auctioned off on this blog. If you could just make one item (it doesn't have to be an apron, it can be anything) to sale, that would be a huge help... or if you are too busy to sew, send your junk my way & I will drop it off for you. Every bit helps & you will feel wonderful and begin the season of giving.


Tag Sell It Community Manager said...


We would like to help out. If you would like to list individual items with photos we can send you a coupon to do so for free on our site. Otherwise, we'd recommend you at least list the sale on a number of online sites as well as the paper.

Jill Manning said...

I don't want to officially commit to making anything but I would love to make one of those pleated aprons for the garage sale. I'll get one it!

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