Saturday, October 25, 2008


This is of course another 1/2 Ruffle Apron i made for my sister in law's shower as a prize. I promise it looked better than the picture does.
The ladies who attended all loved it and one said i should come sell aprons in her boutique...haha! I'm not that good, maybe one day.
When making ruffle aprons, i prefer the "serged" edges look...i dont know if i really will or if i'm serious, but christmas IS coming, what would you all suggest in considering purchasing an affordable serger?? i cant believe i'm even asking that. Are the cheap $200 Singer one's you can buy in walmart crappy?
i also made this HOOTER-HIDER, for my sister in law, and i was very pleased with how it turned out- it being my first attempt.

And this one i made awhile ago, as a Christmas Gift for my sister in law--another "church lady" apron. I really liked how this one turned out!


Les said...

i love making the 5 ruffle full apron from your blog! i'd love to learn how to make a half apron, but i cant figure out the best way to do the waistband and ties. any advice?

Jill Manning said...

Well done Beka, I love the church lady apron, it is one of my favorites to wear! And isn't that the ultimate compliment to have someone want you to sell your aprons at their don't give yourself enough credit, you could totally sell yours.

Maren said...

Beka, I bought my serger used from a Bernina dealer (the model is a Bernette). It's at least 15 years old and it works better then Abbey's brand new Singer serger. I paid $150 for it. I bet you could find some on Craig's list or at a dealer - they resale used ones. Also, Celia Zazueta had 2 and wanted to sale one. You could check with her. Good Luck & welcome to the Serger fold my sister.

Abigail said...

You are talented and busy... How do you have time to make so much? You have done such a good job on all your projects. Also my serger works great and it has a waranty and I only paid $150.00 so I would weigh your options.

Lauren and Shaun said...

Hi, my sister in law has your site on hers... and I don't know how she knows of you all. But I love your designs, and I love your fabrics! Where do you get them, and do you all sell your designs?
you can e-mail me at

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