Thursday, October 9, 2008

Oh why not!

I posted my latest apron on my blog already so forgive me for putting on this one as well, is that showing off? Anywho, I was inspired by this apron found at this Etsy shop and thought, "Self, you can do this. You know how to do pleats and this would be a really fun one to try out without having a pattern." I prefer to have patterns, I'm not amazing like Maren.

Than I went to Joanns and found this adorable fabric in the home decor section (I just love polka dots) and had to do it. I saw it all perfectly in my head and just had to dive right in and do it. This apron gave me the push I needed to bust out my old friend Hansel (that is the name of my machine..."he's so hot right now") and get creative. Here is what I ended up with:

I love that the ties are ribbon and you weave the ribbon through the waist band using grommets...that is ingenious...and I can say that because I didn't think of it one my own...see I'm not always showing off. Some people are so stinkin' creative!!


Christie said...

Jill I love that apron! That is such cute fabric and you did a great job with it. Very creative.

Maren said...

Wow! That apron is amazing! I really love it. Great work Jill. You rock my world.

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