Saturday, November 29, 2008

She Tied One On!

You all inspired me to participate in Tie One On day and here is my friend Craig modeling her new apron! A HUGE thanks to Beka for adding the finishing touches (the cute black fringe) while I recovered from child birth. She sent me the picture via text message so it's a little blurry, but I love it - so fitting for her personality. I even managed to get her a freshly baked loaf of bread. So...I'd love to see the aprons you whipped up for last weeks big event.

AND...Happy belated birthday, Maren! Hope it was a good one!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008


There are a million and one other things that I need to be doing right now, but I've been seriously sidetracked. I just discovered one of the coolest sites that could exist for us fabric-lovers: Spoonflower. "Why is this the coolest site ever, Christie?" you ask. Well, I'll tell can create your own fabric design, send it to Spoonflower and they will print your fabric for you! That's awesome! At $18/yard it's really not as expensive as you'd think. And, they are now offering gift certificates. Right now I am composing a clever email to hubby hinting at what I'd like for Christmas. It goes something like this:

Dearest Kevin,
I would like a gift certificate to Spoonflower for Christmas. Please follow this link to purchase. Thank you! Love, Me

Yeah, I don't give hints anymore. They don't produce the desired results. :)

So, now I just need to figure out exactly how I would put the design in my head into digital format. Too bad there isn't a USB adapter from our brains to the computer. I'm sure that somebody somewhere has that in the works.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Vintage Halloween and Action Shots

I know this fabric combination may seem odd to you, but my good friend/colleague Craig is into vintage Halloween anything. Since I went to every fabric store I could think of this fall and no one had specific vintage Halloween prints, I just tried to use the color combinations she decorates her kitchen with. Yes, her kitchen decor is vintage Halloween...year round! She even had her tile replaced with black and orange tiles. I think I'd like to embellish a bit more, maybe black ric-rac on the top large ruffle. I also need to add the bottom tiny ruffle, but forgot to serge it when Beka's machine was handy. I'm saving it for Tie One On day...I hope she likes it! If you have any fun embellishment suggestions, let me know. I've got a little time to make improvements. And thank you Beka for my first serging experience. I am a believer!

I finally finished my Halloween decor...a week late. Monday I'm going to finish the back side which says "Give Thanks".

Here are some action shots that Jill took whilst we were working Thursday night.
No one was kind enough to take one of Jill (sorry!) and Maren was still MIA in Utah.
Christie's cute fabric for her mini skirts that she's making for her grandma.
Just kidding Christie!
Good times. Thanks for meeting at my place!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Apron Challenge

From the Apron-icity website:

"Calling All Designers and Budding Designers…See your apron design published online and in print! Here’s your chance to have your creativity recognized. We’re looking for the best and the brightest aprons to feature on the Apron-icity™ website and in other publications for quilters and sewers."

Call me crazy, but I think one of us could do this!! What about the Anniversary 5 ruffle apron, Maren? Or Jill, the pleated apron you just designed? Check it out the rules here. Put on your designer hats. Ready, go!!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Reversible Pleated Ruffle Sassy Apron

Eck...that's quite a mouthful. For my birthday Aubrey sent me 4 yards of beeeeautiful fabric. At first I wasn't sure it would all fit together, but she assured me it would. And she was right! Since I received it I have been plotting the apron I was going to make out of it. One that could be just for that I didn't have to give to somebody else. Yay! I finally found some time to make this one become reality!

Today was a wonderfully relaxing day. After cleaning up an easy crock pot dinner, I had the evening free. The kids were watching Back to the Future III (I know, I don't get it either, but they LOVE it and have to watch it everyday) and I saw my opportunity. So I got out my stuff and started cuttting away. After a few minor incidents where Cade and Myla thought it'd be fun to jump over the fabric I was cutting, except not really jumping over as much as jumping on and getting their dirty little footprints on it, I finally got into my groove. Anyway, here it is:
I saw an apron here that I really liked. But my budget on buying apron patterns is in the red :), so I tried to do it myself. And for the ruffle I decided to try out this tutorial by Giabella that she posted on her blog awhile ago. It's a pleated ruffle, and it's easier than I thought it would be. I love how the ruffle goes all the way up to the ties. Please ignore the ginormous butt...that is a work in progress. :) The pleated ruffle. Again, these were fun to do! I love my newest apron! Now I can get back to my regularly scheduled Christmas sewing regime with a better attitude. :)

Sewing Bloopers: Does anybody else have bloopers? Everytime I do something stupid, I think I should document it. They are pretty funny after the fact. Well, this time I had a doozy (is that how you spell doozy? It's not a word I spell very often). I sewed the pleats to the wrong side of the apron. So when I finished sewing the two sides together and went to pull the apron right side out, I realized that the pleated ruffle and ties were on the inside of the apron! I wanted to cry. I did not want to do all that pleating all over again! So I just cut off the entire ruffle above the stitch line and restitched it the right way. It ended up working out. The sad thing is, it's not the first time I've done that. The reversible apron gets me every time. You'd think I'd have learned by now.

Fall Projects...for next year

When I was at Blissfest a few weeks ago, I saw the most darling fabric pumpkins with corks as the stems. I was tempted to buy just one so I could figure out how to make my own, but alas - they only accepted cash. I found this tutorial and thought I would give it a try, though it is not as cute as the ones I saw in the boutique. If you run into any other tutorials for these, please send them my way!

I also got the wood blocks and vinyl lettering for this fun sign from an old college friend. The back side says "Give Thanks" so it serves two purposes. I didn't finish mine in time for Halloween, but if I get on the ball maybe I can have it done by Turkey Day.

And lastly, my pics are on the other computer upstairs, but many, MANY thanks to you lovely ladies for your hand crafted goodies at Brooke's baby shower. Holy cow! I knew I would love anything that your talented hands created, but I felt as giddy as a school girl with my new treasures. (I mean Brooke's new treasures.) And if you missed the party, you can check my personal blog for pictures of the gifts. Literally, I've already had non apron dork friends email me about how great they were. I'm cool by association - you guys were a hit! THANK YOU!

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