Sunday, November 2, 2008

Fall Projects...for next year

When I was at Blissfest a few weeks ago, I saw the most darling fabric pumpkins with corks as the stems. I was tempted to buy just one so I could figure out how to make my own, but alas - they only accepted cash. I found this tutorial and thought I would give it a try, though it is not as cute as the ones I saw in the boutique. If you run into any other tutorials for these, please send them my way!

I also got the wood blocks and vinyl lettering for this fun sign from an old college friend. The back side says "Give Thanks" so it serves two purposes. I didn't finish mine in time for Halloween, but if I get on the ball maybe I can have it done by Turkey Day.

And lastly, my pics are on the other computer upstairs, but many, MANY thanks to you lovely ladies for your hand crafted goodies at Brooke's baby shower. Holy cow! I knew I would love anything that your talented hands created, but I felt as giddy as a school girl with my new treasures. (I mean Brooke's new treasures.) And if you missed the party, you can check my personal blog for pictures of the gifts. Literally, I've already had non apron dork friends email me about how great they were. I'm cool by association - you guys were a hit! THANK YOU!

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the Picketts said...

hey i totally wanna make some pumpkins with you? call me when you do it if you are not already done! i've got some totally cute pumpkin fabric i found at zoey's you could use!!

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