Saturday, November 8, 2008

Vintage Halloween and Action Shots

I know this fabric combination may seem odd to you, but my good friend/colleague Craig is into vintage Halloween anything. Since I went to every fabric store I could think of this fall and no one had specific vintage Halloween prints, I just tried to use the color combinations she decorates her kitchen with. Yes, her kitchen decor is vintage Halloween...year round! She even had her tile replaced with black and orange tiles. I think I'd like to embellish a bit more, maybe black ric-rac on the top large ruffle. I also need to add the bottom tiny ruffle, but forgot to serge it when Beka's machine was handy. I'm saving it for Tie One On day...I hope she likes it! If you have any fun embellishment suggestions, let me know. I've got a little time to make improvements. And thank you Beka for my first serging experience. I am a believer!

I finally finished my Halloween decor...a week late. Monday I'm going to finish the back side which says "Give Thanks".

Here are some action shots that Jill took whilst we were working Thursday night.
No one was kind enough to take one of Jill (sorry!) and Maren was still MIA in Utah.
Christie's cute fabric for her mini skirts that she's making for her grandma.
Just kidding Christie!
Good times. Thanks for meeting at my place!


Jill Manning said...

I am not sad that there is no shot of me, I looked horrible that night and would not want it documented at all! It was a fun night, thanks for hosting it Rachel!!! And I think I may have some black trimming that would look adorable with that apron, I see if I can find it and I will let you know!

Maren said...

ohhh... I miss you all. It's nice to have my sisters wedding over & now i can sew for fun. I'm bitten by the sewing bug & can't wait for Wednesday!

Christie said...

I always think I look like an Oompa Loompa when you all take pictures of me sewing. I'd rather look like Angelina Jolie, but I guess we can't have everything. :)

Christie said...

So, what are the plans for apron night this week?

Christie said...

Yes, this is my third comment...I'm kinda scatterbrained right now. I just had to let you all know that the mini-skirt apron is not going to my grandma. I just can't do it! I'll probably dig out some fabric that I'm sure I forgot all about and sew up a quick full apron that is more grandmotherly.

The McMillans said...

IS that my nephew Gavin underneath the table?

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