Wednesday, December 31, 2008


I know i know...Christmas is over, but since its not the New Year quite yet, i feel i'm allowed to post this tutorial. i just found this adorable super easy to make homemade tree HERE

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

All I Wanted for Christmas...

I got!!
My Brother sewing machine has a new sibling, the Brother 3034D Serger. I have the best husband ever! He surprised me this Christmas. I'm still in Utah and brought the serger with me to get some tips from my mother-in-law. She helped Kev pick it out (she even went to sewing machine stores in Utah where she lives to "test-drive" some serger machines to help Kev choose). So we spent the afternoon learning how to work it. She has been sewing forever and has a Bernina serger, so she had a lot of tips to share. I can't wait to do some real sewing on it and I really can't wait to get back to our regular apron nights. I hope everyone had a great Christmas holiday. Happy New Year!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Loving the Lily

This weekend I jumped on board with the Lily apron when my friend Kari asked me to make some as gifts for her family. Her 7 months old daughter is battling cancer, so I couldn't refuse her. Beka gave me a hand so I could make the Christmas deadline. Thanks for the pattern, Jill.

I got this fabric (inspired by Christie) from JoAnns.

And this fabric comes from Zoe's. Beka didn't want her face in the picture, but she is the mastermind behind the handiwork.

I love the way they turned out, though I think they aren't as flattering on well-endowed women. (Maybe I'm just saying that because I've had baked goodies for breakfast, lunch and dinner the last few days.)

Merry Christmas ladies...can't wait to see what the new year brings for our little club!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008


One of Cade's little friends, had a birthday this weekend complete with a petty zoo and pony rides! So we made her a little cowgirl apron for her birthday. Here is Cade wearing it...always a willing model.
I did a pleated ruffle for this one. I love pleated ruffles! They are so quick and easy, but make it look like you spent hours on it.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Some Tie One On Love

I am one stinkin' lucky gal. I received two aprons this week! Two! And they are so cute. Please ignore my make-up-less, bad-hair-day, dirty-house pictures. I knew that if I didn't catch Kevin to take them then they'd never get taken. And I HAD to show off these aprons.
First, I actually won an apron from EllynAnne Geisel. Like THE EllynAnne Geisel. I entered to win for Tie One On Day on her blog and actually won this vintage hostess apron! It's very sweet. I love the ric rac and the organdy fabric. It's beautiful and I am thrilled!
My second treat was actually for Tie One On Day. Sweet, wonderful, talented, intuitive Jill made this Lilly apron for fabric that included all my favorites--polka dots and lime green. I love it Jill! It's the one I wear all the time now. Thank you!!

I gave an apron to my grandma for Tie One On day. She was very shy about it though and ran off before I could get a picture. I'll have to sneak up on her someday and snap one. :)

Happy Holidays everyone! We probably won't see very much of each other in the next couple of weeks with Christmas and vacations and such. I hope you all have a very happy Christmas and that it is everything you want it to be. I know we are all probably going crazy with sewing projects...Christmas day looms closer and closer! I hope you get some time to yourselves to relax and enjoy the season. Sip some cocoa. Snuggle under a blanket. Nibble some sugary, gooey, creamy junk food. And for heaven's sake, watch White Christmas! I can't believe none of you have ever seen it. Sheesh. :)
Merry Christmas!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

teachers gifts & garage sales

Okay... so like Jill I have been a busy girl, but not posting my projects. I thought I'd show just a couple.

This is the 1940's house apron. I haven't made this pattern since I started sewing over a year and a half ago (such a long time). I really like this pattern & how it turned out. This is for my son's preschool teacher Mrs. Johnson. I added a few inches to the pattern so it would fit her comfortably. I love the Mary Engelbriet print - it's fun & busy (just like preschool). I bought the fabric at Wal-Mart months ago. I found the polka dot in my stash & decided it would be fun to mix it up a little bit.

the ties match the back strap, they are a little long (it's a habit), but I think it's better to err on the long side instead of the short.

This pocket is my favorite detail. I love the red rick rack & the polka dots. It is just so adorable. I also liked that I encased the seam in bias tape, and then top stitched it down. It just gives it a cool finished (retro) look.

Here is the same basic apron, but this one I did for my daughter's 1st grade teacher. At first I really didn't care for the fabric. It was one of those moments where you buy it - get it home - and go... no, no, no it's all wrong. But since I sew at midnight, I decided to put it together either way and see what happens.

I actually really liked how it turned out. I was afraid the bias tape might make it look cheesy, but it actually adds to the retro feel of the apron.

I really love this fully lined pocket. The cuff on the pockets ties in the cute ties & strap on the back.

And lastly this is the Holiday version of the 5 ruffle anniversary apron. I probably shouldn't even post it. It's the worst thing I've made in months. I didn't do the best job on it and really didn't care for the fabric I used. Oh well, it did sale at the garage sale and even if it sold for a couple bucks - it went to a good cause (Autism). Anyway, that's it for now. I have 3 more aprons that are in various stages of being finished, but we are off to Disneyland tomorrow so I won't be able to think about sewing until the weekend. Hope your having a great week & happy sewing!

Saturday, December 13, 2008


I feel like such a slacker and I haven't contributed to this blog in a long time. I promise, I have been making aprons I just have been forgetting to take pictures of them before I hand them over to their new owners. But I finished my Lilly apron last night and I just have to post it here. I swoon every time I see it!!!

And what an easy apron to make too. I am going to look into having it go all the way around and instead of ties, you make button holes and sinch (sp?) it in the back with buttons...with the right material, it could be so darling!!! But please, like anything could be cuter than argyle and polka dots!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Christmas Stockings... feature designer

Featured Designer:
Jen Young

I wanted to take a moment and spotlight Jen Young. She is not only a great designer, but a hard working mom like the rest of us. Jen hasn't yet opened an Etsy site, but is selling these wonderful stockings at Craft Fairs and in boutiques. If you are intested in buying one of these great stockings please send me an email with your contact information and I will pass it on to her.

Here is what she posted about her stockings:
I only have 12 left, If anyone is interested in buying them I will sell them for $20 a piece, they are made out of Wranglers, these are just 2. I have them in different fabric. They are 16" long and 91/2" wide across the top and from the heal to toe they are 13"
So spread the word, I would love to get rid of them before I go out town on Friday. Thanks everyone.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

...something I am greatful for

I am grateful for... the women in my life. A mom who gave birth on her birthday 33 years ago when she was 24 years old. A mother in law who is more like a bff every year and gets a kick out of my quirks. A sister who loves me so much she calls me her twin. Friends... women who were strangers barely a year ago finding a common spark that develops new talents and lots of good times together. And husband that still surprises me after 10 years of marriage.

I am grateful for ... people with really busy lives, that still remember your special day despite a major holiday looming hours away and gifts from the heart. What's better then friends who fill your birthday with fabric and flowers? What more could a SSC girl ask for.

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