Wednesday, December 17, 2008


One of Cade's little friends, had a birthday this weekend complete with a petty zoo and pony rides! So we made her a little cowgirl apron for her birthday. Here is Cade wearing it...always a willing model.
I did a pleated ruffle for this one. I love pleated ruffles! They are so quick and easy, but make it look like you spent hours on it.


The Blakes said...

Adorable. You're a pro... I, for one, do spend hours on pleats. I guess I need a little more practice.

Tracey I said...

Love this! Did you use a pattern for this? If so would you tell me which one? I would love to make one for my little girl!
Thanks! Tracey

Maren said...

HI Tracey, This is a Cindy Taylor Oates kids retro apron. I included a link in the post to help you locate the pattern. Christie did such a fabulous job (as usual). You'll have to email us apicture after you make one for your daughter.

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