Saturday, January 31, 2009

free fabric... sign me up!

Hi guys... (yes I do waste my Saturdays on the net - you should see my house, yuck.) Okay so one last thing. The Crafty Crow is giving away free fabric (25$ gift cards to three lucky winners) but the catch is you have to respond to this link by MIDNIGHT! Good Luck & this is a darling website - especially if you have kids & like to keep them occupied.

I ran across this today in my surfings and general wasting of time on the computer. This is a shout out to the bird fans out there. I love Shabby Princess and all their cutie pie downloads. If your into digital scrapbooking - (which in my opinion blogging design & digital scrapbooking are like bff's) you gotta see their stuff. I'm loving their blog wear and especially Gabby (because they named it after me, yeah right.) ... They offer some more cute stuff here for free!

Thursday, January 29, 2009

We're not alone...

I stumbled on this blog tonight and got caught up reading it for nearly an hour. They have some cute ideas for all sorts of projects.

Maybe we should be friends.

P.S. I finally started sewing again yesterday. Sweet relief.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009


QUESTION: What to do with all those cute scraps you dont want to throw away & you just keep collecting?


We found this tutorial on the Nestor site, She has some darling ideas. Thank You!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

soft girlie baby shoes

These were also featured on the home made byJill blog. I don't know if I love the fabric more or the idea of clothe shoes. I bought some at Target, but my 90% height - 4 month old is growing out of stuff fast. I just can't squeeze her little piggies into the cloth shoes anymore. So I will definately be giving these a try. For some reason it seems wrong to put hard soled shoes on a baby that can't walk yet. It's like putting a peanut butter sanwhich in a cast. For some reason it just doesn't make sense to me. Here is the pattern & tutorial from Stardust Shoes & the flikr group to see more of these beauties. You can even buy them from Felt (she ships to the states)Can't you just see Elsie, Miss Abbey & Brooke sporting some adorable matching shoes on park day?

still trying to decide which ones I like the most!

the bird mobile strikes again

Just thinking of Jill & Rachel and their crazy obsession with birds right now. Which are way chic and oh so cute. Anyway, the homemade by Jill blog (this is not our SSC Jill, but this Jill is quite clever and amazingly crafty!)has a great tutorial for all you bird lovers out there. I'm thinking maybe I need to make one for Miss Abbey.

Monday, January 26, 2009

make your own project board tutorial

I decided I needed a new dry erase board for my craft room to keep track of projects or what I bought specific fabric for etc. and I was thinking about buying one or what it would take to make one from scratch with crown moulding... bla, bla, bla - then I got hit by a crafty bolt of lightning (my favorite kind) and came up with this little gem - enjoy!

1. Find an old frame with the glass still intact that is not being used. If it is hideous and gold (like the one pictured above) - get yourself a $1 can of spray paint and go to town on that bad boy, or until it is something that won't make you crazy by looking at frequently.

2. Get a can of spray adhesive & a small piece of fabric (enough to cover the backing of the frame). I would suggest fabric that has a white background or lighter colors and thin in texture (so your marker will show up) Also be sure to iron it before gluing it to the cardboard backing. Next, spray the adhesive all over the board & slowly work on your fabric smoothing out any wrinkles.

(optional: My fabric was thin & the cardboard visible through the fabric so I added a layer of white paper.)

3. Cut off any excess fabric that hangs over the sides. It should look nice & crisp.

4. Glue on your embellishments. I glued ribbon on for aesthetic reasons only. Because the frame is heavy with the glass & fabric in it. It is a good idea to use the actual frame hardware to hang it up with.

5. Bla, bla, bla... more embellishments (cutting ribbon)

6. This goes along with #5, be creative make it unique and pretty as only you can.

7. Reassemble the frame (making sure you use the glass) and there is your new finished product. So cute & fun. The best part is that if you change your room decor and get sick of the fabric. It's totally changeable. And the cost is about $4 for fabric & spray glue (the frame was repurposed for this project!) Ya-hoo I love cheap stuff.

The finished product hanging on my wall. It adds so much & is really practical & cute (the best of both worlds)... here's a little FYI for you, if you write on your board in permanent marker (or your kids do - oops!) scribble over the top of the permanent marker with a dry erase marker and it will make it magically disappear. Whoever figured that one out is quite a clever girl!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

a "civil rights" tea party

So, it's that time of year again. Time to have a party and celebrate all things girly. Because in my house we believe we have the "right" to host a "civil" tea party (since they get out of school anyway, right?)

For this occasion we got to make our own lunch & decorate mini cakes. Of course that meant I had to make 11 aprons to cover all their cute little dresses. Luckily over a year ago I went thift store hunting and found a big polk-a-dot sheet. I bought it not really sure why, but I'm so glad i did. It came in handy to make these cute aprons. I love repurposing fabric. It gives a new life to something with a history and it seems all green and stuff. I feel like I am doing my small part, and with the hobby I love the most, sewing!

Here is my neice Asia, modeling the "big girls" apron.

Myla is modeling the "little girls" apron. Then I made a special hostess apron (for Paige) that is a combination of the two. Unfortunately I didn't get a picture of her in it. I will just have to post it another time.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Reason #211 to Love the Lilly Apron

The pockets hold all my mail!

I decided that the world needed to be exposed to the adorableness of the Lilly apron today. So when I went to get the mail I didn't take it off. On my way back I decided to see if I could tuck the mail in my pocket and it all fit...quite comfortably, in fact. Maybe the USPS should invest in the Lilly apron for it's carriers. Should we send in a proposal?? :)


My current favorite design in fabric is the damask. I go through phases...polka dots, paisley, but right now it's damask. It's taking everything I've got to order a ton of super sweet damask fabric from Michael Miller. That's why I'm blogging about it...gotta keep those fingers doing something besides clicking on the "purchase now" buttons.

It's Us

Okay ladies, here is the best pic from our "photo shoot" last night. I did what I could, but my skills really aren't as great as you guys might think they are. Sorry, no trimming of poundage and such (although none of you need it). :) We missed you out-of-staters and Jenn and Jessica.

I know, not a huge change, but I did lighten it up and trim out the unnecessary things (like the couch). Maybe the Hallmark people will work their own magic. :)

Monday, January 12, 2009

It's Done!

Have you ever seen the sew and see section at JoAnn's? You know, where all the patterns have the words EASY written all over them. When I saw the words easy on pattern 5273 I was sold. My good friends birthday was coming up and I thought, why not give a gift from the heart. Take my suggestion and don't buy this pattern unless your a pro. I have taken this bag apart and restitched it several times. This bag was a serious sewing nightmare! I am so happy that it's done and it actually turned out decent looking. Thanks Christie and Maren for your help!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

15 seconds of fame

Okay, so I do want to share some exciting news. The SSC is going to be recognized in a national magazine.

Recently we were contacted by Amy Palanjian who is an editor for Hallmark Magazine. Amy wanted to hear about our little group, how it was created, and a little about what we do. Jill was wonderful enough to send Amy information via email and also did a phone interview. Amy also wanted one of our aprons for a photo shoot to accompany the article.

She choose the apron that I had made to celebrate our groups anniversary from scraps of fabric from each SSC member for the big event. It was kind of exciting to walk into Fedex and saying "I need this in New York by Monday" (like I knew what I was doing). Had I known this scrappy little apron would have a moment of glory I might have sewn the seams a little straighter or sworn a little lesser in it's infamous presence. If you want to read more about the deeper side of the apron or why it's even in the running (for not being overly cute) click here.

Okay so I'm sure the article won't be more then just a few little lines, bla.. bla... bla... crazy sewing ladies.... bla.. bla... pride themselves on being called apron dorks... bla... eat more then they sew... bla.. bla... talk so much smack they need shovels... bla.. bla... - but it's really kind of exciting, and I just wanted to share it with you. I'm not even sure which issue it will be in, but we will keep you posted.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Funked Out Apron

Aubs, the best sil ever, got me a new apron pattern (with some super cute fabric) for Christmas--The Funked Out Apron from super cute Lila Tueller. I can't wait to try it out!

good things come in twos

When I had originally bought this fabric. I had intended it for an Emmeline apron (I don't own one) - so I thought the time was ripe to make myself one & I thought this fabric would be darling... until Jill introduced us to the Lilly pattern (pictured below). Then I realized the reason this fabric was created & sold at Joann's was that I would by it & make it into the Lilly. It's destiny has been fulfilled. Just take a gander...

(Front) - the salmon colored fabric is from the Heidi something or other collection from Joann's. And it actually has a really symmetrical pattern and is similar to working with stripes. After making a few things I wouldn't suggest it for the Emmeline. But anything thing where it is gathered or used similar to a stripe design is perfect. The coordinating fabric is a tiny dot on Chocolate brown.

(back) I really love the long ties. I thought they might be too much at first, but they actually really balance it out & make it work. I love it!

Now my only REAL problem with the Lilly is wondering why the h... it's not double sided. Seriously, for those of you who have made it - you know all the straps & ties are double sided, so why not the middle section? Well, I decided Lilly needs to be double sided & created this second side to her sassiness. Isn't it adorable. I could so wear this in public. It's really comfy & covers the flab stylishly.

If you want a double sided Lilly: Sew your pockets to your main fabric (in my case the Salmon colored one), then place RST (right sides together) with your secondary fabric (mine is large polka dots) and serge or zig zag around both sides & bottom (so it is shaped like a bag). Turn right sides out, press & top stitch 1/4 inch. Then you can serge or zigzag right across the top & insert it into your opening. Then just follow the rest of her directions. I love this one so much I made two - one for me (It's been over a year & a half, since I made myself an apron) and I made one for Tweedle Dee (my twin sister - who was here over the holidays & not only did a ton to help me, but she took home 2 unfinished Christmas projects/presents finished them for me & delivered them - she is most deserving) Thank Heavens for sisters/bff's.

This is Christie's towel apron. I made two of these recently. A salmon pink & brown one for Rachel & this green one is for Abbey who is due at any time. I really love the towel apron Christie made for me & think this might become a regular gift for friends popping out kiddies. It's super easy (cheap) and darling - not to mention REALLY PRACTICAL. I love the mix in polka dots as well.

The bias tape is made out of a tiny polka dot on brown while the neck & ties are out of a big polka dot on brown. The bias tape you must make yourself, but there are a few tutorials out there, or you can reference this one here. It's not as scary as it sounds & you don't need any fancy tools. Just scissors & an iron. Also I placed the waist ties higher then Christie did on her tutorial so that you have the apron already open & ready to wrap.

Last apron pictured was my gift for my hairstylist (the fab Chelsea) & I made a second one for my daughters piano teacher. The fabric I bought a few weeks before Christmas so it was already on sale. But it does take a LOAD of rik rac so mentally prepare yourself to invest in the stuff. I used Jumbo rik rac although the pattern called for medium. I think it shows up better. Does anyone know where I can buy it in bulk. I think it would be cheaper in the long run.

I love the finished look, my only disappointment is how cheap thin the fabric is. Most of it is okay, but the Candy Cane stuff is paper thin. Oh, well... it's a seasonal apron & those usually get less use. This pattern in Cindy Taylor Oates Retro Aprons - D (three tiered half apron). Well, there you go. I'm off to make 10 little girl aprons for my daughters annual tea party in 2 weeks. Wish me luck.

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