Sunday, January 11, 2009

15 seconds of fame

Okay, so I do want to share some exciting news. The SSC is going to be recognized in a national magazine.

Recently we were contacted by Amy Palanjian who is an editor for Hallmark Magazine. Amy wanted to hear about our little group, how it was created, and a little about what we do. Jill was wonderful enough to send Amy information via email and also did a phone interview. Amy also wanted one of our aprons for a photo shoot to accompany the article.

She choose the apron that I had made to celebrate our groups anniversary from scraps of fabric from each SSC member for the big event. It was kind of exciting to walk into Fedex and saying "I need this in New York by Monday" (like I knew what I was doing). Had I known this scrappy little apron would have a moment of glory I might have sewn the seams a little straighter or sworn a little lesser in it's infamous presence. If you want to read more about the deeper side of the apron or why it's even in the running (for not being overly cute) click here.

Okay so I'm sure the article won't be more then just a few little lines, bla.. bla... bla... crazy sewing ladies.... bla.. bla... pride themselves on being called apron dorks... bla... eat more then they sew... bla.. bla... talk so much smack they need shovels... bla.. bla... - but it's really kind of exciting, and I just wanted to share it with you. I'm not even sure which issue it will be in, but we will keep you posted.


Jill Manning said...

THis really is exciting!! And the article will be in the April edition. In fact, Amy is the editor, Rachel D. is the writer. She has been really fun to talk to and keep in touch with. I am tempted to make her an apron just to say thanks for including us apron culture.

Rachel said...

If any apron deserves some notoriety, that one does! Congrats on the fame Maren - perhaps this is only the beginning of a beautiful career in the media!

Christie said...

I say we have a release party in April then...any excuse to have a party!! I love that they picked that apron. It's perfect.

EllynAnne said...

Appearing in a national magazine is VERY exciting, and this feature should be a gem. It's wonderful y'all are included!

Tie One apron, of course!

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