Sunday, January 4, 2009

Funked Out Apron

Aubs, the best sil ever, got me a new apron pattern (with some super cute fabric) for Christmas--The Funked Out Apron from super cute Lila Tueller. I can't wait to try it out!


Maren said...

how funny. I just saw that apron online & bookmarked it. Great minds think alike. Aubs rocks!

Jill Manning said...

Aubrey, you are too much!!! Not only did you give a very generous gift to Christie, but you essentially gave a great gift to all of us because you know we will all be asking to borrow the pattern, right Christie? That is adorable, I mean it is stinkin adorable!

the Picketts said...

thats totally cute!!

The McMillans said... are all way too sweet. I am so glad that you like it Christie, and of course I would hope for you all to use it. You will die when you see how flattering this apron is. It's awesome. Cheers to Christie and the SS.

BTW I am so happy that you got a serger for Christmas! You will use it your whole life I am sure. That is fantastic.

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