Sunday, January 4, 2009

good things come in twos

When I had originally bought this fabric. I had intended it for an Emmeline apron (I don't own one) - so I thought the time was ripe to make myself one & I thought this fabric would be darling... until Jill introduced us to the Lilly pattern (pictured below). Then I realized the reason this fabric was created & sold at Joann's was that I would by it & make it into the Lilly. It's destiny has been fulfilled. Just take a gander...

(Front) - the salmon colored fabric is from the Heidi something or other collection from Joann's. And it actually has a really symmetrical pattern and is similar to working with stripes. After making a few things I wouldn't suggest it for the Emmeline. But anything thing where it is gathered or used similar to a stripe design is perfect. The coordinating fabric is a tiny dot on Chocolate brown.

(back) I really love the long ties. I thought they might be too much at first, but they actually really balance it out & make it work. I love it!

Now my only REAL problem with the Lilly is wondering why the h... it's not double sided. Seriously, for those of you who have made it - you know all the straps & ties are double sided, so why not the middle section? Well, I decided Lilly needs to be double sided & created this second side to her sassiness. Isn't it adorable. I could so wear this in public. It's really comfy & covers the flab stylishly.

If you want a double sided Lilly: Sew your pockets to your main fabric (in my case the Salmon colored one), then place RST (right sides together) with your secondary fabric (mine is large polka dots) and serge or zig zag around both sides & bottom (so it is shaped like a bag). Turn right sides out, press & top stitch 1/4 inch. Then you can serge or zigzag right across the top & insert it into your opening. Then just follow the rest of her directions. I love this one so much I made two - one for me (It's been over a year & a half, since I made myself an apron) and I made one for Tweedle Dee (my twin sister - who was here over the holidays & not only did a ton to help me, but she took home 2 unfinished Christmas projects/presents finished them for me & delivered them - she is most deserving) Thank Heavens for sisters/bff's.

This is Christie's towel apron. I made two of these recently. A salmon pink & brown one for Rachel & this green one is for Abbey who is due at any time. I really love the towel apron Christie made for me & think this might become a regular gift for friends popping out kiddies. It's super easy (cheap) and darling - not to mention REALLY PRACTICAL. I love the mix in polka dots as well.

The bias tape is made out of a tiny polka dot on brown while the neck & ties are out of a big polka dot on brown. The bias tape you must make yourself, but there are a few tutorials out there, or you can reference this one here. It's not as scary as it sounds & you don't need any fancy tools. Just scissors & an iron. Also I placed the waist ties higher then Christie did on her tutorial so that you have the apron already open & ready to wrap.

Last apron pictured was my gift for my hairstylist (the fab Chelsea) & I made a second one for my daughters piano teacher. The fabric I bought a few weeks before Christmas so it was already on sale. But it does take a LOAD of rik rac so mentally prepare yourself to invest in the stuff. I used Jumbo rik rac although the pattern called for medium. I think it shows up better. Does anyone know where I can buy it in bulk. I think it would be cheaper in the long run.

I love the finished look, my only disappointment is how cheap thin the fabric is. Most of it is okay, but the Candy Cane stuff is paper thin. Oh, well... it's a seasonal apron & those usually get less use. This pattern in Cindy Taylor Oates Retro Aprons - D (three tiered half apron). Well, there you go. I'm off to make 10 little girl aprons for my daughters annual tea party in 2 weeks. Wish me luck.


Rachel said...

I've been meaning to post pics of the towel apron you made me, I love it and it's so useful!

And the Lilly was definitely meant to be double sided.

Christie said...

I love it all!

Jill Manning said...

Maren, you really do know how to improve upon things and make them better! Now I have to make another Lilly but doublesided because you are so right, it really should be! And the towell apron, can I put in a request for one of those if I am still around when our next one comes...or maybe just because you love me?! ;) You are truly talented!

the Picketts said...

Those are all do adorable. I help Roni make a double sided Lilly for Christmas gift- she had the cutest fabric from Zoe's! i need to learn how to make one of those towel aprons...i think i'm afraid of the "making your own bias tape"

Stacey said...

man, i wish i still lived there to take part in all the gift giving :) i miss ya'll. i've been sewing but haven't posted yet. I will soon. you all amaze me. I saw Jill in CO and i felt a little bit a part of you all again. stace

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