Monday, January 26, 2009

make your own project board tutorial

I decided I needed a new dry erase board for my craft room to keep track of projects or what I bought specific fabric for etc. and I was thinking about buying one or what it would take to make one from scratch with crown moulding... bla, bla, bla - then I got hit by a crafty bolt of lightning (my favorite kind) and came up with this little gem - enjoy!

1. Find an old frame with the glass still intact that is not being used. If it is hideous and gold (like the one pictured above) - get yourself a $1 can of spray paint and go to town on that bad boy, or until it is something that won't make you crazy by looking at frequently.

2. Get a can of spray adhesive & a small piece of fabric (enough to cover the backing of the frame). I would suggest fabric that has a white background or lighter colors and thin in texture (so your marker will show up) Also be sure to iron it before gluing it to the cardboard backing. Next, spray the adhesive all over the board & slowly work on your fabric smoothing out any wrinkles.

(optional: My fabric was thin & the cardboard visible through the fabric so I added a layer of white paper.)

3. Cut off any excess fabric that hangs over the sides. It should look nice & crisp.

4. Glue on your embellishments. I glued ribbon on for aesthetic reasons only. Because the frame is heavy with the glass & fabric in it. It is a good idea to use the actual frame hardware to hang it up with.

5. Bla, bla, bla... more embellishments (cutting ribbon)

6. This goes along with #5, be creative make it unique and pretty as only you can.

7. Reassemble the frame (making sure you use the glass) and there is your new finished product. So cute & fun. The best part is that if you change your room decor and get sick of the fabric. It's totally changeable. And the cost is about $4 for fabric & spray glue (the frame was repurposed for this project!) Ya-hoo I love cheap stuff.

The finished product hanging on my wall. It adds so much & is really practical & cute (the best of both worlds)... here's a little FYI for you, if you write on your board in permanent marker (or your kids do - oops!) scribble over the top of the permanent marker with a dry erase marker and it will make it magically disappear. Whoever figured that one out is quite a clever girl!


Jill Manning said...

Maren you are a genius!!! I am totally going to do this! But why didn't you use the other frame? The gold one? Spray painted, it would awesome. I have seen some fabric at joanns that I didn't like as an apron but have been trying to think of some other use for it, I think this is it!!! Thanks for the a place to hang it when I am all moved it. mmmmmm.

Rachel said...

I'm not sure I even need this board, but it looks so cute I'm tempted to make one anyway!

Ashley said...

Yup, this was it. Thanks so much. I love it.....and so do the other readers on my blog. I changed my post and added your link. Thanks again.


trishcook said...

I love this idea...I've seen the "alaboards", but didn't have/want to spend the money on them. Now I can make one of my own! Thanks so much for sharing!

Mom of Mix Kids said...

Ooooh, I'm pretty mad that I spent $100 dollars on my AlaBoard right about now. What a fantastic idea. You're so dang creative and smart. I think I'll have to make one of these anyway and give it away as a gift. LOVE it!

Anonymous said...

Fantastic Idea. I'm with Rachel, I don't know where i'd put it but i'm going to find out soon enough!!

Rachel and Danny said...

I've been looking for a glass whiteboard for forever, but I had no idea where to find one! Browsing on the Internet I found your blog and the "Make it and Love it" blog - thanks to you guys, I now have exactly what I was looking for! I just put pictures of the finished project up:
Thanks again!

Anonymous said...

I love your stuff and thought I'd better comment. I have a frame & glass that will be just perfect, and I'm redoing my sew room, one item at a time. This is great!

Amy (naptimecrafters) said...

Looks great- Thanks for auditioning for American Crafter!

linda @ CraftaholicsAnonymous said...

Clever! Good job!
happy crafting!

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