Tuesday, January 27, 2009

soft girlie baby shoes

These were also featured on the home made byJill blog. I don't know if I love the fabric more or the idea of clothe shoes. I bought some at Target, but my 90% height - 4 month old is growing out of stuff fast. I just can't squeeze her little piggies into the cloth shoes anymore. So I will definately be giving these a try. For some reason it seems wrong to put hard soled shoes on a baby that can't walk yet. It's like putting a peanut butter sanwhich in a cast. For some reason it just doesn't make sense to me. Here is the pattern & tutorial from Stardust Shoes & the flikr group to see more of these beauties. You can even buy them from Felt (she ships to the states)Can't you just see Elsie, Miss Abbey & Brooke sporting some adorable matching shoes on park day?

still trying to decide which ones I like the most!


Stacey said...

I better post my creations soon. I see my name was taken off!! :( I guess I'm not part of the club anymore. boo hoo. I never can keep up with all of you. you amaze me.

Christie said...

You weren't supposed to be taken off. I put you back on. Sorry! I've been playing with the template a lot these past couple of days, so it's probably my fault. You are always part of the SSC Stacey. But yes, you do need to post your creations. We want to see what the CO chapter is up to. :)

Stacey said...

Thanks!!! Good to know I'm still a sister. I know, I need to show some fruits of my labors. I'll be better! We're supposed to have our first CO Chapter ssc night this Thursday. Can't wait.

P.S. The template looks great!! Where did you get the cute apron graphic????

Stacey said...

do any of you have the lily apron pattern or do I need to buy it?? Thanks :)

Christie said...

The apron graphic is a McMillan original. Kevin and I combined our differing artistic talents.

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