Thursday, February 26, 2009

Child Apron and Chef Hat tutorial

(Pictures from the Making It Fun blog)

I thought of Stacey and Jace when I saw these tutorials for a kid apron and chefs hat on the Michael Miller Making It Fun blog. I remember Stacey looking for something like this for Halloween for Jace. It looks very doable and very cute. I'd love to see one of our little ones in that hat!

Monday, February 23, 2009

What Our Grandkids Will Think We Looked Like

Little Birdie Secrets posted about the Bakamatsu Koshashin Generator. Thought it might be fun to see what the ssc might have looked like 100 years ago.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

a sweet childhood memory

When I was a little girl my mom was a "supermom" on the sewing machine. Money was scarce and she had to be frugal. She made us clothes, dresses, even underwear (back then it was actually cheaper to sew). One Christmas she decided to make us all Raggedy Ann & Andy dolls. She had 6 girls and 4 boys to sew for. On Christmas morning I will never forget how beautiful the tree looked and the thrill of seeing 10 little dolls all lined up underneath it, knowing one special doll was for me.

(The first doll picture looks like Abbey & the one below looks like Paige to me)

The other day I came across these sweet little dolls on a website called Bowls -n- Annies (her husband makes the bowls & De makes the Annies, I love the combination of the two on one site). Instantly I was whisked away to that childhood memory. I thought "I have to buy a couple of these for my girls" but these dolls are not sold ready-made instead De sells patterns & epatterns. I thought, "that must be great for a super crafty lady with some serious doll making skills" ... until I saw her tutorial on doll making and realized, "I can totally do this!" - so guess what my kids are getting for Christmas? (even James - who will probably love his little guy the most)

These two are probably my favorite (Laura Annie & Mary Annie)because I am a Little House on the Prairie Girl. I was about the same age as "Half-pint" when I really got into the show, I had brown hair and even bucked teeth just like Laura Ingells (Melissa Gilbert) ... Love them! Thanks De for bringing out my inner half-pint. I think I'm going to get one for Christmas as well...

Thursday, February 19, 2009

sundress pattern - simple & gorgeously free

Amy at Habitual Creature of Habit created this adorable sundress. I know the rest of the USA is like, are you serious? a sundress? really. But here in the Valley of the Sun it is in the high 70's which translates to Spring (even though yours is still a couple months away) let's not forget that our summer lasts for 6 months and Paige wears nothing in the summer except sundresses. So this is actually perfect timing for me to get started. I've decided to make one for Paige out of a pink mushroom print and one for Abbey out of the red fairy tale fabric that I recently won. Yahoo! Here is a link to Amy's wonderful sundress pattern that she's graciously blessed the sewing world with.
This is the Sundress done in wool for all you cold weather birds.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The Bed Pocket!

We don't have room for our nightstands in our room anymore and I have been wracking my brain trying to figure out a solution to our spacially challenged master bedroom. Than I found this tutorial and thought, "Self, you can do this. This is totally within you sewing ability." So off to Joanns I went in search for fabric that would perfect in our room. In the home decor section I found it and while watching 90210 and The Biggest Loser, I finished a pair of bed pockets.

I am in love with how they turned out and with the fabric. I can fit my book light (right now it is a huge mag lite but I will downsize when I can get to the bookstore) and Gone With The Wind (a 1000 page book). Ty is excited because he can put his gun in his. Have I mentioned lately that I married a closet red neck? Yuma brought it out in him and he can't suppress it like he used to. He wants me to get him this but a girl has to put her foot down at some point.
They really are super easy to make if you are looking for a simple yet fun solution to making a home for you books but can't squeeze in a night stand.
Here's another pic to get a closer look at it:

My New Obsession

In the past two days I've made 4 pairs of baby shoes and 6 matching applique onesies. Where did I find time to do that? My sweet, sweet husband was able to come home from school early yesterday. He told me to sew while he cleaned the mess of papers we have gathering upstairs. I thought about it for about one-tenth of a second and took him up on his offer. I was able to sew for a whole afternoon, mostly uninterrupted. It felt good.
I LOVE making these things. They are so fun!
The brown butterfly set for Baby Brooke.
The purple flower set for Baby Elsie.
This is the set I made for Gavin. I stopped by Zoe's real fast to grab a couple of fat quarters of sweet boy fabric. I still have enough to do at least another set. These seriously take hardly any fabric at all. You got scraps? Make baby shoes. I played around with these shoes a little bit to see if I could eliminate the bunchiness. I think I finally figured out a good way to do it so there isn't so much bunching. Maybe I'll do a tutorial someday. Yeah, someday...

This particular applique almost made me pull out my hair this morning. I didn't realize how tough it'd be to stitch around the elephant and his ear. But I kinda like him. He's a sweet little elephant. :)

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Montessori's Child Apron

Christie emailed this pattern to all of us last month (I think) and I finally got around to trying it out. I wasn't sold on the velcro and elastic components at first, but now I'm a believer. Ty wouldn't model for me, so these are the best pics I could get.

I added a chocolate ruffle on the bottom. I had other cute embellishments in mind, but JoAnn's didn't have any cupcake buttons or appliques that went with my fabric.
The elastic neck band wasn't hard at all. AndI love the sprinkles coordinating fabric. It is also on the revers side of the cupcake print.
The velcro was a little difficult to sew with my Geo Metro model of a sewing machine, but it's a great idea for little kids!

I loved it so much that I've already cut out a second one from the same fabric. I'm giving this one away, but I think I'll make Brooke one and stash it away for a few years. Thanks for the link Christie!

Monday, February 16, 2009

Cloth Baby Shoes

I've been itching to make these cloth baby shoes. When Maren blogged about this free tutorial I fell in love! So last night I put the kids to bed, which is always at least a 2 hour ordeal, printed off the tutorial and got to work. I didn't have any boy fabric to make some for Gavin, but I did have this cherry fabric that Maren gave me forever ago and a new Hawaiian red fabric I recently purchased from Joann. I threw in an old small polka dot scrap of fabric and got this cute combo! I knew exactly which baby they should go to as well. Don't they just scream Maren, and therefore, Baby Abbey?
I sewed on a matching heart to a onesie to complete the little outfit. I'm not completely happy with it, but it'll do for now.
Could she get any cuter? Luckily, I watched Baby Abbey this morning while Maren had Cade so I was able to take some pics.

I love them so much I want to make myself a pair of adult sized ones! The tutorial is great. The shoes were pretty easy to make. I think the most time consuming part was ironing on all of the interfacing. After the cutting and interfacing-ing, the sewing went pretty fast. I have several more cut out, ready to be sewed up and put on other little girl baby feet. I had to run to Joann's (against my self-induced Joann's fast) to find some boy inspired fabric for Gavin. I'm actually thinking of cutting up an old leather purse. Don't you think leather ones would be so cute too?

love getting stuff in the mail

I just got the free fabric that I won off the Crafty Crow website. What I got was a $25 gift card off This and That from Japan's Etsy shop. She has such a huge inventory and all of her stuff I've never seen anywhere else. This is a good place to find something different & unique. Let's just say I spent a few extra dollars so I could get another piece of fabric. Lisa also has an artfire store Now I'm torn at what to do with them. The white Christmas pattern I plan on making into a "24 days before Christmas Book" for my family. But what to do with the adorable elephants or the red Nursery Stories fabric?

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentines Day - crafters style

Look at these adorable Valentines gifts for your friends or neighbors.
This was made by my sweet neighbor Janet. Can you tell what it's made of? It's a jumbo sized paper holder clip (not sure the technical term) but she turned it into the most adorable purse, with just a little ribbon, a charm, and scrap paper. How sweet is that to tell a teacher, friend, colleague, mom - that your thinking of them (p.s. Janet is a super crafty crafterkins - so you can expect to see more stuff from her in the future).
This was made by Cynthia. It's an adorable card. I'm not sure how she made it. The love is made with copper wire & the flowers look like a colored floral tape. I love crafts that people come up with so effortlessly. I couldn't resist posting these last minute craft ideas. Thank You ladies!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

love the baby shoes

Okay ... so I did a post on these cute shoes not too long ago with a tutorial from stardustshoes - but not everybody sews, has the time, or energy... if that's the case check these out from makeitnadloveit. She is actually giving away this set for FREE!! I don't have a baby boy, but I have loads of friends who do. You have to follow this link & leave a comment to enter. It is worth going over there just to see her adorable baby boy wearing a tie! He is one handsome little man. AND best of all she has an ETSY shop where she sales her goods & they are all very reasonable priced. Oh yeah... I know where I'll be doing some cutie pie gift shopping for my Abbey girl!

a gorgeous flower for my cool chic headband?

I am such a sucker for a good tutorial. I am a hands on "please-show-me-as-we-do-it" kind of girl (this is why I don't do so well at cooking from recipes or online classes), but I just found Jennie's headband tutorial's new BFF. It's from Boutique NutMeg Designs. She has some seriously CUTE stuff & lots of fun tutorials. But check out this flower. It kicks some seriously cute arse. Just sit back and let these clever ladies inspire us. Now, where the devil did I put my scraps?

Jennie's Headband Tutorial

Last night I was helping Abbey cut out an apron pattern and we are both in love with the fabric. When we were done Abbey asked, "Do you keep your scraps?" and I responded "No way. Then you feel like your married to them and can never rid yourself of them."

Today I was wasting time and I came across Jennie's blog and saw what a super cute headband she made and it dawned on me what I can do with those scraps of fabric that I love... make adorable reversible headbands (especially a good idea right now since Paige is growing out her bangs).
Her amazing tutorial Jennie at What a Beautiful Mess is so easy to follow & the kind of tutorial not-too-clever-girls like me love. There are tons of pictures, so we can't screw it up like we do with just directions. I've tried to make headbands before and they turned out crappy, so I threw out my scraps. I can't wait to try these. Maybe I'll even make one for Abbey to contain all her oodles of lady-lovely-locks hair.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

crayon apron - I want one

This apron is so adorable. I've seen these here and there and thought that they can't be too hard to make. Christie made crayone rolls for Christmas presents this year (and she is pretty busy) but it can't be too much right? Well, Patty Duffner created a tutorial to deomstrate how to make these lovely aprons, I just want to know where she found the adorable fabric as well.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Brassy Apple giving away a free apron!

If you can help our friend Meg come up with a cool name for her latest apron design - then she will share the love by giving you one of her amazing aprons. All you have to do is go to the Brassy Apple blog and inspire her with your wit and charming ideas, in the comments section of her post. How easy is that? ... and if you do win - I'm taking you to Vegas next time and maybe I won't loose all of my gambling money (and my mother-in-laws) ...

Monday, February 9, 2009

Valentine idea for the sweet sew-er in your life

Aren't these buttons cute enough to eat? Well, go ahead! Because who could pass up the cutest chocolate mold I've seen in a long time. I found these lovelies at Sweet Jessie's blog.

You can find a complete tutorial with tons of great pictures & how to print your own packaging labels at the Bake it Pretty blog.

Who doesn't love chocolate? What a fabulous idea!

fabulous... fabulous... simply a fabulous smock

I love Thank You gifts. They are completely not needed. The purpose of helping out a friend, is simply that - to help them out because you know they have been there for you in the past countless times and you know they will be there for you again with a much needed coke or lunch invitation when your ready to loose it.

Abbey of the SSC just had a baby (like only a few weeks ago) AND she has 2 small children (both a little needy for her time and attention), yet she still found time to crank out this lovely little smock. Look at the trim, bias tape & ribbon - so CUTE! The ties on the back are ribbon and my favorite colors!
Not only is the pattern adorable and of her own creation - (I will talk her into a tutorial or making her pattern available to the rest of us), but we had a yard fabric swap for our Christmas get together & she stole this fabric from me in the game we were playing. I couldn't get it back, but I did get some fun pirate print that I'm making something cool with. Anyway, she turned the coveted fabric (good choice Rachel) into this loverly little diddy and gave it to me last Thursday during preschool which worked out perfect, because it was a painting day. THANKS ABBEY - YOU ROCK!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Let's Try This again...

Thanks to a sweet commenter for bringing certain internet slang to our attention, I revised our shirt. Thank you Katie! We certainly don't want any misconceptions about who we are. :) So, are you guys still excited about wearing an Apron Dork shirt?

Basic T-Shirt



Sunday, February 1, 2009

a life well lived

I have been meaning to make over this bookcase for weeks now and this weekend I finally got the desire/energy for it. This bookcase has LIVED a long & fabulous life since we've owned it. I think it was originally a beautiful oak tree somewhere that was content to be reincarnated and live forever as furniture. Well, in the 1980's my mother-in-law bought it and put it in Jason's room. He brought it with him (his dowry) into our marriage and I was fine with the 1980's bland syrupy color for years...

until little Paige came along. Then in 2003, it got a coat of white paint and a shabby chic kind of feel. It morphed into this little beauty. It stayed white but lost the chic over the years, and was just shabby - but still well used in my preschool room. It had turned grayish with time (not from fading paint, but dirty little hands, despite my scrubbing efforts) and I decided it was time for another change. In 2009 (just a few days ago) I painted it a soft rust color and decided I needed to somehow add fabric and give it a durable makeover to withstand even the germiest little hands, but look really cool in the process.

So I had a few fabrics in mind and ran them past my 6 year old. She said no to big brown polka dots. She said no to little brown polka dots (do we see a theme here?). In the end she was right & came up with a great combo.

First I measured the shelves to know how long to cut my fabric.

Next I repurposed (fancy word for cut up) an old towel for padding. I considered a royal blue fleece blanket, but it would have shown through the pink fabric and ruined the overall effect.

I'm anal and serged the edges. I could see myself trying to staple gun 3 layers of stuff and loosing it, big time. This step is totally optional (unless your in love with your serger like I am - then serge away)

Next I cut the vinyl just a titch bigger than my fabric pieces. Vinyl is way cheap - just a couple dollars a yard at Joann's & it can be wiped clean and can take some serious wear & tear (that is the reason I didn't choose the easier route - modge podge (my other favorite love!) It's great for the front of dressers or cupboards, but no where that will get any kind of rubbing action.

I stapled gunned all the layers.

I made sure the pieces were long enough to wrap around so the staple wouldn't be sticking out & catch on me or some toy/book.

The finished product. The two top fabrics were bought at Joann's. The pink mushrooms is a cotton & the purple owls is a flannel. The bottom piece is Hobby Lobby & is a cotton.

All snuggling and so cute in my preschool room.

Is that a life well lived or what?

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