Monday, February 16, 2009

Cloth Baby Shoes

I've been itching to make these cloth baby shoes. When Maren blogged about this free tutorial I fell in love! So last night I put the kids to bed, which is always at least a 2 hour ordeal, printed off the tutorial and got to work. I didn't have any boy fabric to make some for Gavin, but I did have this cherry fabric that Maren gave me forever ago and a new Hawaiian red fabric I recently purchased from Joann. I threw in an old small polka dot scrap of fabric and got this cute combo! I knew exactly which baby they should go to as well. Don't they just scream Maren, and therefore, Baby Abbey?
I sewed on a matching heart to a onesie to complete the little outfit. I'm not completely happy with it, but it'll do for now.
Could she get any cuter? Luckily, I watched Baby Abbey this morning while Maren had Cade so I was able to take some pics.

I love them so much I want to make myself a pair of adult sized ones! The tutorial is great. The shoes were pretty easy to make. I think the most time consuming part was ironing on all of the interfacing. After the cutting and interfacing-ing, the sewing went pretty fast. I have several more cut out, ready to be sewed up and put on other little girl baby feet. I had to run to Joann's (against my self-induced Joann's fast) to find some boy inspired fabric for Gavin. I'm actually thinking of cutting up an old leather purse. Don't you think leather ones would be so cute too?


Maren said...

I don't think these pictures do either of them justice. I LOVE the shoes. I have to try & make some now. Christie you did such a great job & I love the fabric combo. I just had to show them off to Jill when she stopped by.

the Picketts said...

Oh my gosh! Those are so adorable! Turned out really cute, your are super fast tutorial learner sewing woman, Christie!

Rachel said...


Jill Manning said...

I swooned when I saw those little shoes. YOu did such a great job Christie and i love that Abbey got to model them before Maren got to see them! I have been eyeing that hawaiian fabric for a while and now I just have to go get some. Seriously, you did such a great job and Abbey looks adorable!

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