Monday, February 9, 2009

fabulous... fabulous... simply a fabulous smock

I love Thank You gifts. They are completely not needed. The purpose of helping out a friend, is simply that - to help them out because you know they have been there for you in the past countless times and you know they will be there for you again with a much needed coke or lunch invitation when your ready to loose it.

Abbey of the SSC just had a baby (like only a few weeks ago) AND she has 2 small children (both a little needy for her time and attention), yet she still found time to crank out this lovely little smock. Look at the trim, bias tape & ribbon - so CUTE! The ties on the back are ribbon and my favorite colors!
Not only is the pattern adorable and of her own creation - (I will talk her into a tutorial or making her pattern available to the rest of us), but we had a yard fabric swap for our Christmas get together & she stole this fabric from me in the game we were playing. I couldn't get it back, but I did get some fun pirate print that I'm making something cool with. Anyway, she turned the coveted fabric (good choice Rachel) into this loverly little diddy and gave it to me last Thursday during preschool which worked out perfect, because it was a painting day. THANKS ABBEY - YOU ROCK!


Rachel said...

Fabulous indeed! Abbey, you are a creative goddess!

Jill Manning said...

Swoon! I can't get over the bias tape, what a perfect touch to add the ribbon. This just scream Maren. Abbey, you did an amazing job, I am speechless!

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