Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentines Day - crafters style

Look at these adorable Valentines gifts for your friends or neighbors.
This was made by my sweet neighbor Janet. Can you tell what it's made of? It's a jumbo sized paper holder clip (not sure the technical term) but she turned it into the most adorable purse, with just a little ribbon, a charm, and scrap paper. How sweet is that to tell a teacher, friend, colleague, mom - that your thinking of them (p.s. Janet is a super crafty crafterkins - so you can expect to see more stuff from her in the future).
This was made by Cynthia. It's an adorable card. I'm not sure how she made it. The love is made with copper wire & the flowers look like a colored floral tape. I love crafts that people come up with so effortlessly. I couldn't resist posting these last minute craft ideas. Thank You ladies!

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Jill Manning said...

I love the little purse. I have a Persona Progress motivational handout that deals with purses and this would be ideal and alot less time consuming than what I usually do. THanks for sharing your friend's talents with us!

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