Thursday, February 12, 2009

Jennie's Headband Tutorial

Last night I was helping Abbey cut out an apron pattern and we are both in love with the fabric. When we were done Abbey asked, "Do you keep your scraps?" and I responded "No way. Then you feel like your married to them and can never rid yourself of them."

Today I was wasting time and I came across Jennie's blog and saw what a super cute headband she made and it dawned on me what I can do with those scraps of fabric that I love... make adorable reversible headbands (especially a good idea right now since Paige is growing out her bangs).
Her amazing tutorial Jennie at What a Beautiful Mess is so easy to follow & the kind of tutorial not-too-clever-girls like me love. There are tons of pictures, so we can't screw it up like we do with just directions. I've tried to make headbands before and they turned out crappy, so I threw out my scraps. I can't wait to try these. Maybe I'll even make one for Abbey to contain all her oodles of lady-lovely-locks hair.


Jennie said...

How fun, I'm on your blog! I can't wait to see the headbands you make with it!

hair accessories said...

This headband is really nice! I'm excited to see your creations. Can you post the pictures?! LOL :) Thanks.

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