Wednesday, March 18, 2009

a call for help

Hi there all you wonderful, fantastic, cleverly smart women! As many of you know (or not) I am writing a thesis to earn my MA in Rhetoric/Composition (English) at ASU. After this semester I am done (hallajulah!) with school (or at least until I get my student loans paid off - long, long, long time from now)

But in the spirit of sisterly sewing kindness I am looking for as many participants (who read/follow) this blog and would be interested in participating in a survey.

My topic/title is: "Those who Stitch Together, Stay Together; the Modern June Cleaver's Relationship with Online Group Blogging and an Offline Social Sewing Community" - I'll be focusing my analysis on the SSC, but I'm looking for additional perspectives of housewives, mothers, wives, grandmothers, etc. Who blog and have a creative outlet such as sewing, etc.

If you are interested. Please send me an email to maren _ buchanan at yahoo dot com.  I will be emailing out the survey in the next couple days and need it back within a week. I'm sorry about the last minute-ness of it. But, if we haven't yet met... Hi my name is Maren, and I am the worlds biggest slacker.

If you want/need additional infor email me or leave a comment.
Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!!


Jill Manning said...

Maren, please send it my way. I have been thinking about your thesis all day but have not come up with any suggestions...but I will let you know if and when I do.

Aunt Pitty Pat's Fun said...

Please send it my way Aunt Pitty Pat .. anything to help out ;)

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