Monday, April 27, 2009

Girls Night OUT!

This last Thursday was girls night out! I think we all needed it. I'm done with school (for now) a few of us are done with our kids (okay we at least needed a break), others are done with job stress, money stress, and health issue stress - when I sent out the email asking who was in? I felt like I got 50 instant texts saying 'YES! I have no money, but eating ramen noodle and saltines all week is worth a night out.'

We met up about 8pm at Marie Calendars for pie... so yum. I think the waitress "Betsy" (aka Shirlene) must have thought we were in a lemon/blueberry eating pie housewife cult.

She probably went back to the kitchen, duh! Don't they know we have like 50 different kinds of pie? not two.

Then we went to see "17 Again", I used to give Jill hell about loving Shia Labouf - no more. I am a converted cougar. Just get a looksie at this hottie... I really thought he was a teenie bopper/ teen idol and would not appeal to a mature lady in her thirties. I was wrong my friends... I don't know if it was the hilarious movie, trying to share one popcorn bucket with an entire row of women, or sitting next to Nikki and giggling through the entire movie that did it for me, but this is one hot little barely 2o something boy/man.

And if this was the "Edward" instead of the Harry Potter boy - I would be singing a different song and writing Stephanie Meyer an apology letter regretting I ever uttered words against Edwards creepyness or their dysfunctional stalker obsessively controlling relationship. I would have shut my mouth and just let my eyes drool the entire time.
Here's one more for the road. We have to do that again sometime. 

p.s. Game on! This Thurs sewing at my house 8pm. See ya then.


Maren said...


Jill Manning said...

I'm so glad you wrote something about that night because I have not been able to put into the words just how much fun it was to get out and hang out with everyone!! And you took the words right out of my mouth about Zac...yummy. Welcome to cougarhood Maren, its good to have you! And if it helps my case any, I would take Zac over Shia any day. Can't wait for Thursday, its good to have ya back!

niKKi said...

OH my heck, I am giggling again, I had such a fun night out and that Mr Zac can come on my tv screen any ol' time...haha! Shia is one my favorites too, love Even Stevens, who knew he would've grown up to be so cute. Wow ok I am done now I am married and so in love.

Great post Maren!

Abigail said...

All I can say is I hang out with some "CRAZIES" (just kidding) You are all fun and I am glad to have friends like you guys.

Anonymous said...

I was new to this blogspot, enjoying the fabulous ideas and aprons, but when I saw the pictures on the most recent post I was saddened because for me the picture is inappropriate. I guess I won't be checking out this blog. I don't want to see those type of pictures again.

Maren said...

Ohhh sweet anonymous, there is a reason you are anonymous and I love that you want to keep your innocence and veer away from pictures of abs? Was that really offensive? If so, I truly am sorry. I thought my language would scare you away before the images that I posted.

Let this not reflect poorly on my saint-like domestically talented friends. I alone dwell in this gutter. Please do not look back and read old posts, for the shock might truly get to you. Believe me when I tell you, this is ild for me and not a one time offense. Fare thee well long lost reader... may you find cleaner pastures to graze on.

becki said...

OMG - at 33, I totally think Zac is gorgeous too!! I usually don't get things for these young guys, but this one is an exception!!

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