Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Meet Anne (That's Anne with an "e")

My good friend Beka and I have a bond that we share for all things Anne of Green Gables. When she was on bed rest while pregnant with her twin boys, I would go over to her house and we would watch all the movies together to help pass them time. Fast forward two years, and we have decided it is time to reconnect with our dear friend Anne and of course, Diana, Rachel Lynde, Marilla, Matthew and of course, Gill. Of course it is a little bit harder with little ones running around but still very enjoyable. A few weeks ago we were watching it and remember that scene in the movie where Anne is dared by Josie Pye to walk the ridgepole of Moody's barn. Well, if you recall, (which, you probably won't so go watch the movie immediately after reading this blog to refresh your memory) the apron that Anne is wearing. It is adorable. White, box pleats at the top, long ties in the back. Simply darling. Well, Beka and I both commented about how this apron is one of our favorites and started thinking about how we could make it. The inspiration never left me and I did it, I made my own Anne inspired apron and I am head over heels in love with it! What do you think?

Its the box pleats I tell you, they are just too much fun! Or I guess in the words of Anne, pleats are so "romantic."

And guess what, its is already posted in the Etsy store so you can have it if you want it.
And in memory of Anne Shirley, I leave you with one of the greatest quotes in literature, "I don't want diamond sunbursts, or marble halls. I just want you."
Thank you Christie for the wonderful photography, you are so talented!


the Picketts said...

love it, love it, LOVE it--everything about it! i love that you did it with pleats and that its "anne" inspired:) good job as usual Jill!!

Julie said...

That is absolutely adorable!!! I really need to go watch the movie now!! AND I really need an apron like this... gosh I wish I had a bigger monthly budget :o) Good job Jill, you are amazing!!

NotQuiteJuneCleaver said...

Oh it is absolutely beautiful! I too love Anne (with an e)...now I am going to have to get a marathon going with my girls...and what is soooo funny about this!? I too watched it over and over for the aprons, pinafores, boots. OH I would SO dress like that today!

Jennie said...

Cute custom variation make of the Lily apron! I too, love Anne, who doesn't! :)

parTea lady said...

What a great apron - love that style. I really enjoyed reading Anne of Green Gables as a young girl and I don't think I ever got over my Mom not putting an e on Ann for my middle name.

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