Thursday, April 30, 2009

Meet Poppy

Have you ever seen a field of poppies? I think if Bob Ross, you know this guy:

were to paint a picture of poppy fields, he would lovingly refer to them as "Happy Poppies." I think they could rival the daisy as being a very a happy flower.
I think if Anne of Green Gables were to see a field of poppies, she would say that poppies were "such a romantic flower."
So would it not be appropriate for me to use this adorable poppy fabric and turn it into an Anne (with an "e") apron? I think it would be:

And I have to add this next picture because it makes me happy:

I hate adding this to the end of this post but I feel that I must...this sweet thing is available at our Etsy Shop.


Christie said...

It's a beauty! I love the pleats! Would you consider it my sincerest form of flattery if I made one with your Anne (with an "e") pleats for me?

And I think it's great that you add that to the end of the post. It's only fair to all those people who would love to have it! And, since Mother's day is only 10 days away, it's a good reminder that we are doing free shipping! :)

The MacMizzles said...

This apron is fabulous, I hope it goes to a perfect mom somewhere! Great job Jill!

the Picketts said...

i LOVE it Jill---its a beauty!

Jessie Lewis said...

LOVE the pattern! I need to watch Anne of Green Gables soon. Do you own it?

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