Sunday, May 17, 2009

Annie got a makeover

These pics are from the Annie swap that I was apart of through Aunt Pitty Pats blog. Check out my first attempt at doll creating.

Before - homely little Annie in her unpretentious little way....

This is my swap partner, Jennifer. I wanted to create something fun and as glam as my swap partner...

It was crazy resewing the seams so they wouldn't pop. I eventually broke out the serger. It was worth the unstuffing, resewing, and restuffing. Don't look to closely, her legs are not proportionate. After completing the body I "painted" her body with pero (not a coffee drinker) - it was a lot like water colors. You don't want your doll soaking, just a nice top coat. If you don't do the coffee thing, just stop by your gas station & buy a small cup for under a buck. You will have more then enough and you won't be stuck with tons of left over stuff. (My friend De has a bazillion different styles & patterns. Here she does a great tutorial... after looking here you will realize you can do this too.)

Glam Annie had to have furs & pearls.

and hair that said "glam girl here -don't mess"

Her coat is made from felt with a pattern on it. I trimmed the jacket with feathers (just wanted a fur trim look to it) - that is the only part I did without my machine.

Glam Annie has the classic striped legs, but is wearing stylish Mary Jane's instead of comfortable orthopedic looking drab shoes.

Ta-Da! These are the after shots. Here she is in all her stylish glory. Isn't she literally a doll. It was a lot easier then I thought to make her. She did turn out pretty cute. I posted earlier about making some Annie's for Christmas & I think I might be hooked. James kept begging for me to make him one. His birthday is next month. I will have to get on it.

The best part of making Glam Annie was making it a fun project with my glam girl, Paigey. I have the pattern if any one is interested, just email me. Aunt Pitty Pat said she found it on the net. I've looked around and found a few other free doll patterns that look fun.


Becky said...

Adorable!! I'm almost afraid to start on doll making. I can see how it could be come my newest obsession!

PS. Send me the patterns please

Jill Manning said...

I love how you glammed her up, she looks priceless. you did such a good job and I love the Mary Jane shoes. to be honest, the whole tea dyeing process is what is holding me back, is it really hard to do?

the Picketts said...

that doll is so adorable- good job maren!

Stacey said...

So cute and so Maren!!! You did a great job.

Aunt Pitty Pat's Fun said...

I love this little diva.. she is so darn cute!!! Watch out ladies if you make one Annie you will be obsessed to make more!!! They are so addictive. :)
Ps... the tea staining or coffee staining is very easy ;) You will be amazed at how fast you can do it. I use my micro to heat everything up and then just let the fabric steep :) I found I like the color of the coffee stain the best.
Now go get started on a new craft venue :)

Megan said...

Hello to my favorite stitching ladies! :)

I would love to have join in my Crafty Summer Series fun!! I would love to have your groups creativity in the mix!!!

Christie said...

She's a cutie! I love that you used Pero. It just makes it that much more unique.

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